Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nihone = Japan

Dec. 7, 2013 - MTC
My Dearest Family! 
What a wonderful week it was! I love the MTC, but I am so excited to leave in 3 weeks!! It is so crazy how fast time goes!! I have already made it through one "transfer" yay!!! haha :) 
Sunday: Sister Padelsky and I were called to be Sister Training Leaders this week.( I AM SO EXCITED!!!! It means we are the ones that get to welcome the new sisters in our branch this week! ) But Sunday was full of meetings.... I don't think I have been to so many meeting. hahah And I was Student Body President....haha :) But it was fine cause it was Fast Sunday and I love Fast Sundays!! :) It is amazing how much love you can instantly have for people when you serve them. So if you are struggling to fully love someone I suggest you serve them like Christ would. Last week I was struggling loving a couple of the sisters in our branch...just cause sometimes they get annoying and are slightly hypocritical and I will admit I am too... haha So I had been praying for more love for them and to be more understanding of them and then we got this calling. The Lord does answer prayers!!! It is funny sometimes. :) We had mission conference and it was so wonderful. The MTC presidency spoke and I just love them. They are amazing people! 
Monday: Good day probably learned a lot of Japanese and such :) haha :) I have learned so much here are the MTC that literally everything seems to just mush together and I can't remember what day is what. 
Tuesday: IT SNOWED SO MUCH!! I am sure you all knew that already, but here there is a good 6 inches on everything! Such a good day of the week because it is DEVOTIONAL!! and we only have one class and lots of study time!!! :) haha So this week we were supposed to have Elder Ballard come.... but because of the snow he couldn't. Curse the snow :) hahah Instead we had Brother and Sister Hafen come. They are amazing people! I went to school with their granddaughters actually! Abby and Lauren Hafen. :) I got to meet them after and it was really cool. They spoke a lot about the importance of the temple garment and how we are given so much power and protection through them. They also talked about how one our mission we carry Jesus Christ on our badge, but after our mission we will still continue to carry his name by wearing our temple garments. He talked about the importance of clinging to the temple after our missions. I LOVED that!! I love the temple! Good job mom for going to the temple!! That is such a cool experience too! The temple really does give us power. Read D&C 109 :) I read it today and it is so cool! It is the Kirkland Temple Dedication. :)
Wednesday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!!!! :) :) New missionary day!! I saw Ally Pinkston and some other kids that I went to High school with!! It is so fun to see people you know! The best part was I totally forgot that Ally was going on a mission and then all of a sudden at dinner I turn and see her two people down from me. It was a very happy moment!! :) (side note.... I weighed myself on wed. and I have lost 2lbs.. NBD :) haha It was very happy moment!) I also played four-square with my district on wed. IT IS SO FUN!! I am not very good at it but it is so fun! Whitney you would be proud, because every GYM time I run at least a mile before I do anything else. :) I really helps me to feel accomplished during the day. 
Thursday: We taught a really hard new investigator on Thursday. It was just really frustrating because he didn't believe in god but he just wanted to know why his wife wanted to be baptized. I new excatly what I wanted to share with him but I couldn't do it in Nihongo.... It is so hard to be held back by the language. It just fueled my desire to learn more though. It is so good that I am having these experiences in the MTC so I will know what I need to learn before I leave to Nihone!!!! :) Ps... I leave in three weeks!!!! I am so excited!!!!! :) :) 
Friday: We got our Nihongo name badges!!!!!! AND THEY ARE SO COOL!!!! I will actually be called A-shi-yu-bi-i :) But it is still said Ashby :) haha :) I am so excited to go to Nihone. The food is one reason... cause MTC is kinda ehhh. Just because it goes right through you... hahah :) I love the scriptures too!! I was reading all about Ammon and the Anti-Nephi-lehis this week!!! and oh man!! If I could be a missionary like Ammon I would be so happy!! :) I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON! read it everyday! It will give you so much strength and power and guidance in your life. I know it will!
THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME MY COAT!!! I love that coat!! I am still trying to decide what I am bring to Japan. I will send some stuff home for sure but I don't really know what yet. :) But you guys are the best for sending me packages. I am so grateful for all of you and your support!! You are the best in the world! 
I know that this gospel it true and that every part of the church is inspired by God! It is amazing how much the lords hand is in his work. If we turn to him he will help us with what ever we need. Just trust him. :)
Merry Christmas!! :) 
Ai Shite imasu!! :)
Love, Ashby Shimai 
あいしていますみなさん!!(I love you all!

Badges :)
New shirt and cute hat :)

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