Monday, December 23, 2013

To the people who are Near and Dear to my Heart

Dear the people who are Near and Dear to my Heart,

Okay so this week was THE BEST WEEK AT THE MTC YET! There are so many things to tell you I just don't know where to start.... So Sunday... :)
Sunday: Music and the Spoken word was amazing. We got to watch the Mormon Tab. Choir Christmas Concert!! So wonderful. It made me miss actually being there, but that is okay I am in a happy place. The speaker in Relief Society was Sister Madsen. She is a professor from BYU. But I loved this one thing she said and it is going to stick with me for the rest of my life. "Testify of small truths you know as much as you can." Everyday of our life we strive to live our testimonies. Which is good. But we also need to be looking for times in which we can share small bits of pure testimony. Like "I know god loves me." or "I know that as we are obedient we are blessed" They are just small, but by doing so our testimonies can be strengthened so much. And if we do it every day we will be on a constant progression for the rest of our lives. :) I just really liked that thought. The BYU Men's Chorus came for devotional and sang us a lot of Christmas songs. It was so great! We don't get to listen to a lot of music here and so that was a nice change. 
Monday: Okay for some reason Monday's are always just a little boring...haha :) But I did get letters that day which always makes the day the best day ever. haha :) 
Tuesday: This was such an amazing day! And it is all because of Devotional. I am so blessed to be here in the MTC at this time. We have had so many apostles and general authorities come and speak to us. I feel so blessed. But on Tuesday we had Brother Ronald A. Rasband of the Presidency of the 70 come. It was so amazing. He talked about gifts of the spirit and how we all have them. It was amazing. After he counseled us to all write down in our journals our gifts of the spirit and if you didn't know of any gifts of the spirit that you had to ask your companion. Great advice, but it gets better. So after while we were in District Review we were talking about the importance on knowing your gifts of the spirit just as a District. And then Blanchard Churro our District Leader had this truly inspired idea to go around the room and one by one tell each member of our District one of there Gifts of the Spirit. I have had many spiritual experience in the MTC, but that night in our little classroom in 7M I felt the spirit stronger then any other time here at the MTC. As we went around the room my love for the people in my district grew so much. The spirit in that room was so strong. I will forever be grateful for that experience. I learned so much about in what ways the spirit can work through us and saw people change as they realized things that they had never realized about themselves before. It is amazing the kinds of things others see in you. Everyone has so much potential. It is truly amazing. I wrote down all that I felt that night in my journal. Such a cool Experience. 
Wednesday: Okay so ALL WEEK I had been praying that I would be able to host Sammy as she came into the MTC. I was praying so hard! and so that morning after I said my prayers I had this distinct impression that there car would be at #4. So I was like okay here goes nothing. :) I waited to go outside until 12:45 which was her arrival time and then right as I walked out of my building guess what car drove up!?!? and Guess what # they parked at..... #5 which is right next to #4!!!! :) haha It was a answer to prayer. It totally made my whole week to see that amazing family. And hugging Amy was exactly what I needed to be ready to go to Japan. I just needed a hug from someone who was almost my mom. It was the BEST day ever. But really. :) and It is so good to see familiar faces. I loved talking to Sister Claflin and showing her around. We randomly see each-other and it is the BEST! :) I also say Elder Westin Wong that day so that made me SUPER happy!! :) 
Thursday: I always seem to learn a ton of Japanese on Thursdays and by the end of the Day my brain just is dead. But it is the BEST feeling in the world when you can kinda of teach a Lesson all in Japanese and you don't have to write down any phrases. We are now to that point. I form sentences pretty slowly still but it is coming and I am realizing that more and more everyday. We started to memorize the 1st vision yesterday and we have a goal to have it down by tomorrow so wish me luck. haha :) (we as in my comp and 1) 
Thursday I also learned the importance of setting high goals. Don't make small goals that you know you will be able to obtain, set HIGH goals that seem a little impossible and then work as HARD as you can to reach them.  That way you will be able to do more than you ever thought you could. But you have to WORK HARD. So set high goals and work hard. That is a personal mission goal......haha :) 
Friday: Fridays are great days especailly when you get a package and your FLIGHT PLANS TO JAPAN!!!!!! :) It was like Christmas but way better. I am so excited!! Only 9 more days! It is so weird. This is my last week at the MTC. Time has literally FLOWN by. Missions go by fast!!!!!! :) It is crazy. So much has happened and yet I am not even in Japan yet. I am so excited to go. It will be the best! I am so blessed in so many ways! 
MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I hope you have a wonderful one! Make sure to send me Pictures! and thank you so much for the Gifts and love. I am so excited for Christmas! We have 2 apostles coming!! :) It will be amazing! 
Have a wonderful week! Love you all! 
Love, Ashby Shimai

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