Monday, February 10, 2014

Watashi no Kazoku!!!!!!

This week was so great! It snowed like crazy!! And it never snows in Tokyo. It was a blizzard and no one in Tokyo is used to that much snow so it was such an adventure. I am so grateful for water proof clothes especially my hunter rain boots. :) yep Nicole I sure love my hunters!!! ;) hahah :) but it was so fun!!!
Monday we made sushi and ate it facing a specific direction it is some Japanese February 3rd tradition. But it is so fun! For sure making that a tradition for the rest of my life. And sushi is my favorite.
So I am not going to do a day by day anymore cause it is kinda hard and I write to
much.... So here are the important things that I remember from the week...... And I don't have my journal so I can't really remember ......hahah
So transfers!!!! I am down one transfer already..... Crazy!?!?!? Tranfers are this week and I am........ Staying in Tama with Nakamura Shimai!!!! Yay!!! I love Tama. The ward here is on Dendo fire. They are so great! We have been getting a lot of referrals from members
lately not all of them are going through but we are trying. They have a lot of faith though. That I some thing I love about my mission. Seeing the faith of people on the other side of the world. There are people here that I love so much!! And they are so good :)
This week we had a great week with lessons. Opening this area has been hard cause we don't teach much. President told me this week that he sent me here cause he felt that I needed to learn patience. Hahahahhaha I am for sure learning patience here in Tama.....haha but I love it!!
On Friday we taught 3 lessons which is like insane for us cause that never happens. It was happy. :) lately we have been teaching some less active members who are so wonderful. I love seeing them once again find their love for the Book of Mormon and it helps me
have the drive to always stay active in the church!  Are last lesson that day was amazing. It was with a sister who is dying from cancer. I think I have mentioned her before. Anyway she is amazing. She told us this week that the doctors told her that she only has a little bit left. Before we started to visit her I guess she would never pray really but after we started visiting her she started to pray again and now she says she prays all the time. It has helped her feel so much peace about leaving this life. She has never been through the temple and that is her greatest desire right now. She probably won't be able to go but we have been showing her pictures of the temples and taught her more about the plan of salvation. She is so amazing. She trusts God and feels peace. The Lord knows her and her desires and I know that it will all work out for her. The spirit was so strong that night. It was so peaceful in her house and everything just felt right. :) Heavenly Father really had a hand in that lesson. A lot of what was said was for sure straight from him.

Today for p-day we had a zone p-day  and went to see a super famous
Buddha it was great! I loved it. We went inside and everything!! So
cool!!!and we saw Buddhas big shoes...hahha :)
I am going to try and send a video too. I love you all so much.
This church is true. God knows our needs better than we do. And if we
let him he will make us the people he needs us to be. We have to trust
him and put our faith In him. Ether 12 :) it says faith about 35ish
times :) faith is the power! It is a simple truth. :)
Love ya! Love,
Hannah ashby Shimai

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