Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Atsugi is Atsui!!!

After the baptism.
Onelia shimai and her nephew. :)

Dear family,

Do you like my pun?? Haha :) You get my pun? If not oh well! Pretty much this new area is on fire with missionary work and I am so excited to serve here!!

This week was transfers and usually transfer week is a little rough...But this week has been the best week of my mission. Hands down. I have never seen so many miracles. But really!! It has been amazing! I left
Hodogaya seeing more miracles then we had seen the whole transfer and came to Atusgi and saw more!! I don't even no where to start and there just isn't enough time to tell you everything. So I will keep it short
and sweet or my hands might hurt. ;)

Tuesday night we taught Tomomi san the first lesson and she committed to be baptized when she knew the church was true. She is amazing and the spirit of that lesson was so powerful!!

Wed. We taught Kaneko san the plan of salvation. This lesson was amazing!!! She has the best questions ever. The spirit guides the questions she asks! Haha :) I love it. Shuto Shimai came as well and was able to powerfully testify to her of the plan of salvation. We set
a baptismal date with her for May 17th!!! Just a few days before I go home. When she realized that, she was so happy! That night at Eikaiwa she came up to me and told me to make sure I came to her baptism. She is totally owning that date. She will have some hard things to overcome to get there. But she wants it and I know the Lord will bless
her so much. :)

Thursday after I had transferred to Atsugi we were walking home for dinner and we met a lady from India. Side note.... My new area is full of people from South America and India... Anyway she told us to come over to her house sometimes. Her husband is Christian and she really wanted to see us again. So Sunday night we were able to go visit them.
We taught them the first lesson and they are coming to church this next Sunday! It was amazing. They are so nice! I love people from India! They are so beautiful and their accents are the best!! They have been looking for a church to go to and are really excited to

Saturday we had a baptism! It was for a lady name Onelia 姉妹. She is from Peru and only speaks a little Japanese. But they are in the process of starting a Spanish/Portuguese branch here in the Fujisawa Stake. I have never felt so much love for someone all at once. She is amazing and has brought so many more miracles into this Ward. The baptismal service was so wonderful and the spirit was so strong. :) It was amazing to speak to her in Japanese. I had to laugh because out of all languages... I can't understand spanish  and she doesn't speak English so we spoke to each other in Japanese..... What?!? Haha :) The
gospel is true.

Sunday at her confirmation was the bigger miracle. The night before we had been calling former investigators and only got a hold of one. She came to church on Sunday and happened to know Onelia shimai! They worked together 6 years ago. She was able to see Onelia shimai confirmed and it was a great experience for her. She too decided that
she wanted to hear our message again. :)

There were so many other miracles and cool experiences that have happened this week I wish I could just share them all... :)

But I will say this. God is guiding this work. The spirit is real and when it touches the heart hearts are changed forever. My heart has been changed and I am so grateful for it. I know that this church IS the true church. God is the head of it and He knows the hearts and
needs of His children. God is good. :)

Have a great week!! I love you!

Love, アシュビー姉妹

Old companions. :) actually two more were there too but they were
still in the temple....

FHE with some Ward members :) all girls!!

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