Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello Family and Friends,
Well I did it! I made it through the first few days at the MTC and what an adventure they have been. I have had so much fun, but I will be honest It is no walk in the park. 
Day 1:
After you dropped my off we went through check in and Sister Hyde, Sister alldregde and Sister Judd all checked me in!! It was the best thing ever. :) and all by chance. Then we got our twenty pounds of books and went straight to class, where Hansen Sensei spoke only Japanese for the whole 3 hours. Okay so he did say a few words in English. It is really weird when he does speak English in class cause most of the time it is straight Nihongo. :) And I love Nihongo (Japanese) It is a flippin hard language and as much as I try to remember words I cant....haha But I love it! I cant wait until I can just go off and sound like a Japanese person. My companion is Padelsky Shimai. She is wonderful and so much fun! She is from Syracuse Utah and 19 years old. We have a lot of fun together. We are completely different people yet we have a lot in common. :) There is a picture attached. ALL the sisters in my district are half Nihongo. :) crazy huh? and then there are 5 elders. They are wonderful people! Anyway....back to the day. We had a cool teaching experience. We had the opportunity to watch and participate in teaching someone the gospel. It was really cool. It is amazing how fast you can feel love for a person. That night I was so tired. It was such an emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting  day. For sure the first day was the hardest.
Day 2: I actually cant really remember all that we did Thursday...... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! haha it was kinda blur..... we were in class for like 6 hours,... haha :) but is was fun to learn the language more. 
Day 3: WE TAUGHT OUR FIRST LESSON IN NIHONGO!!!! :) Hardest thing I have ever done... but it actually went really well. We could really feel the spirit and we were for sure being guided by the spirit in what to say to her, cause we had no idea what she was saying. We were able to understand very minimal. But it was really cool. We will teach her again today about the Plan of Salvation. So hopefully that will go better. 
Day 4: P-DAY!!!! Aka the best day ever at the MTC!!!! except the computers were down all morning so we couldn't check our emails until now.... and it is so sad when you open your email and you have NO EMAILS......... The best part of the day becomes the worst......hahah So step it up AND EMAIL ME!!!!! Cause I have a whole hour!! :) And I really want letters and emails and such. Oh and send pictures!! I will always have Saturday as my P-day and I will usually get on either in the morning or after the temple. :) I get to go to the temple today and I am so excited!! :)

Well that is all I really have about my first few days. This church is so true. I Know it! I love it! and I LOVE IT!!!!! My testimony with in the last few days has increase so much!!! :) I love the gospel and I know that as I am obedient the lord will bless me! :) ps... I can kind pray in Japanese now so that is really cool. I love NIHONGO and I know the lord will help me learn this language. I love you all!
Ai Shitte imasu! (I love you)
Love, Ashby Shimai

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