Saturday, November 16, 2013

What another Great Week at the dear ol' MTC! haha and trust me some of the buildings are OLD!! I am living in 5M and my classes are all in 7M. 7M has all the Asian Forgien languages in it so it is fun! :) But it still has chalk boards and old desks.....haha :) we try to make the most of it! This week we had the amazing opportunity of having Elder L. Tom Perry come for Tuesday Nights Devotional!! Let's just say Tuesdays was by far the best day of the week. I was able to sing in the choir. And that is so LUCKY because when an apostle is coming everyone tries to sing in the choir. There were probably at least 100 missionaries that came to choir practice that couldn't sing cause there wasnt enough room. It was such a great experience. This Devotional was broadcasted to 5 of the MTCs around the world including the Phillipines! Oh and mom yes I heard about the Typhoon. We have been praying like crazy for the missionaries and people there. L Tom Perry told us of some of the miracles that happend in order to make sure the Missionaries there were safe. I would tell you the stories, but I only have so much time. Anyway... The best part of the devotional was when Elder Perry walked in the room. There have been very few times in my life where I have felt the spirit that strong. He talked about the importance of a Compaionship and how our missions are not only blessing othres lives, but also preparing us for so much more. It was a wonderful devotional. 
The spirit here at the MTC is amazing!! Then you take that spirit and add the presence of an Apostle to it. Talk about chills all over!!! It was amazing. It was one of those moments where I couldn't stop smiling. The happiness and peace that comes from feeling the Spirit is indescribable and irreplaceable. We all should strive to feel the spirit at all times and in all things and in all places. My companion taught me something really cool this week about the the spirit. Go look up the word "earnest" in the Bible Dictionary. It talks about how the spirit is a little piece of how we will feel in god presence. IT is SO WONDERFUL!! Time flies here at the MTC. This week I forgot my journal so I cant really give you a day by day cause it is so hard to remember all that happened. Sorry about that but I will do my best to tell you all that I can!
On monday all of the "Daisenpai" (Older missionaries) are leaving... I am so sad to see them go. They have changed my life in so many ways and have become such good friends. I will attach some pictures. Oh and Last sunday all of our mission wore red, white, and black for our mission colors day! :) It was fun and we took pics at the temple so I will send some of those pictures too. 
The Japanese is coming along. I have learned so much in just three weeks it is so crazy! I love Japanese!! There are so many things to learn still though so pray that I will be able to learn to the best of my ability! :) 
Well that is all I can really remember for this week!! I will try better next week to do a day by day cause it makes my letters so much more orangized...haha :) Thank you for all of the love, letters, and prayers. I love them and need them!! 
I know that this church is true and that god loves us so much! 
Have a wonderful week! I love and miss you all so much!
Ai Shitte Masu!! :) 
Love, Ashby Shimai.

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