Saturday, November 9, 2013

Konnichiwa Kazoku! :)
What a wonderful week it has been! I pretty much love and adore the MTC. The mission though has proven to be the biggest roller coaster of my life. It is wonderful one hour and then the rest you get discouraged cause you can't understand any of the Japanese your "investigator" is speaking, and then you meet some actual Nihon Sisters and you are so happy to meet them cause they are from Japan, and then you realize you can't understand what they are saying either. :) Let's just say that was my whole week. haha But it is so wonderful cause the Lord it teaching me so much. I feel like I have grown so much in just 1 1/2 weeks. :)
Thank you for all of the letters and packages!!! It is the best day ever when you get a letter here at the MTC and then we you wake up on P-day and see 14 EMAILS!!! and you get 2 packages. :) let's just say today has been wonderful!! I love hearing all about how everyone it doing. And pictures are always fun! 
So let's talk about my week:
Sunday: First no one told all the new sisters that it was Daylight Savings...... and it isn't like we remember those types of things I mean we had only been here 4 days. So we all woke up thinking it was 6:30 when it was really 5:30....hahahah :) Funniest moment when we found out an hour later...hah :) But it was fast Sunday and we were fasting as a district to be able to learn the language. It was amazing. That Sunday really helped our district to unite and now we are all the best of friends. Devotional was great. One of the old MTC presidents came and spoke. After devotional we watched the Christmas MTC devotional by David A. Bednar titled "Character of Christ". If you haven't heard it YOU HAVE TO LOOK IT UP. It is so powerful. He talks about the importance of giving and serving as Christ did. :) Sundays are the best!
Monday: I don't remember a ton from Monday.... sorry. Class and class and more class... ?? ;)
Days here go by slow but weeks seem to fly...haha
Tuesday: I really learned a lot Tuesday. I learned the importance of not comparing my self to others. But it really is an important thing. God has given us all things to accomplish here on this earth and he has given you the means to accomplish it so don't worry about the talents and abilities you see others have that you lack. You have what you need and the Lord will make up for what you lack. :) A very important thing to learn especially when everyone else in your Nihongo class seems to be speaking so well and you only have been learning Nihongo for a week.... Devotional was amazing on Tuesday too but I don't have a ton of time..... :) BUT FUN FACT!!!! L. Tom Perry is coming Tuesday for Devotional!!!!!! Yeah we are all pretty Excited!! :)
Wednesday: We taught our progressing investigator who is also our other teacher. It was amazing though! Padelsky Shimai Shared an experience and I totally almost cried. The spirit was so strong. I just love my comp. She is so wonderful. We work really well together and balance each other out. Companionship's are truly inspired. Also we read the 1 chapter of 1 Nephi together and all of the gospel principles just popped out. Reading the scriptures is amazing. Here I have learned so much about effective scripture study. 
Thursday: Not going to lie it was a long day. I really realized I have so much to learn. Kind of discouraging.
Friday: Prayers are answered. Since Thursday was kind of hard I prayed that night that I would be able to see the results of my studying and see just a glimpse of what the gift of tongues really means. And boy Friday was the best!!! :) and no I wasn't able to speak Nihongo perfectly... But during class that day for the first time I was able to create sentences on my own and kind of start to bear my own testimony instead of just reading things from a book. It was so wonderful. The lord is mindful of us and helps us see that he is the true source of power in the world. :) It was the best day! :) 
Okay so I just love my Branch. I am surrounded by the best people. The Shimaitachi (sisters) are so sweet and I just love them and we just laugh all day long. Well.... we appropriate ;) It is wonderful. They have such strong testimonies and are always helping us Kohai (new Japanese speaking missionaries) to feel loved. 
Oh I feel like I have so much more to tell you but I am running out of time. :)
I love you all thank you for all the letters, packages, emails, support, and love. I pray for you all multiple times a day. :) I love you with my whole heart and soul. Almost as much as I love the Gospel :) haha Have a wonderful Week!! I can't wait to hear from you soon! 
All my love! Ai Shitte Masu (probably the most said phrase by the Nihongo missionaries It is the best! there is a lot of love here)  :) 
Ashby Shimai

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