Monday, January 6, 2014

Ain't nothing going to break my stride! Ain't no one going to pull me down! :)

Dear my Amazingly Wonderful Family!! :)
I am in NIHONE!!!! :) so this week has been crazy!!! and Today was crazy too cause we had so much to do..... That is why I am emailing so late. Normally I will email in the morning. :) Anyway... This week has probably been the hardest yet one of the BEST weeks of my life. Missions are so funny that way. So parts of the day are super hard and others are so happy! :)
Monday: We left for Nihone. We had to be in the there at 4:30 am... crazy early. Then I talked you in at LAX which was the BEST!! and then we flew to Nihone! We landed at about 5:00pm on the 30th So that messes with your brain. It was about 1:00 in the morning Utah time :) and then we went straight to the mission home. We got to drive through the heart of Tokyo though!!! It was so cool! Especally at night with all the lights on for the New Years. :) We ate dinner and went to bed. On a futon!:)
Wed: (Cause I actually didn't really have a Tues...hahah :) We went running around a park, watched the sun rise. Such a perfect way to start the New year! :) I love President and Sister Wada. They ARE THE BEST PEOPLE! AND SO LOVING :) Then we had training all day and did some dendoing :) which is finding and talking to people on the street. It was actually a lot of fun! I was so tried that night though....hahah :) Jet lag, yeah!!
Thursday: We went running again and I actually talked to this sweet Nihongene lady in the park and she took a picture with us and wanted to know more about our church which was SO COOL! :) We then did a lot more training that day and got our trainers! Mine is the Cutest little Nihongene Nakamura Shimai :) I adore her. She is only on her 2nd transfer and we were actually in the MTC at the same time. So that says a lot about how amazing she is! We are in the Tama area which has never had sister missionaries before so we are opening the area. Our apartment is super new! Which is the best! :) Going to our area was an adventure cause we had no idea where we were going and trains are super crazy here :) and they go a million miles an hour... .so it kinda makes me sick sometimes and there are TONS of people!!! hahah :) But that is fun! We got to Tama and went with the Elders to a members house for dinner. It is the Kyomen family and they are MY Favorite family in the Ward. They have 5 kids that are all little and so FUNNY! IT was the perfect way to start off in the field and it made my feel so at home. :) The mom also speaks English very well so that was nice. There are actually a ton of people here who speak English so it is nice sometimes .:) hahah
Friday: We did some Dendoing and passed out Eikiwa (english class) Flyers. Since we are new and the first sisters in this area we have a ton of work to do in finding people to teach. The elders had a few sisters we might be able to teach but it is all kind hard cause they are eternal investigators which means they have been investigating the church for a REALLY REALLY long time and they aren't really progressing. So we need to find progressing investigators. :)
Saturday: We went to a members for dinner and ate some pretty weird food. Sometimes I don't know what I am eating. The elders tell that sometimes it is better not to ask and just eat.....hahah :) But the Lord helped me through it. I was praying a lot though cause in Japan to be polite you should eat all your food, Sometimes that isn't a problem... sometimes it is really hard to.
Sunday: Church was so great! I love this ward. It is really small so we have a lot of work to do, but It has been growing a lot lately. A few months ago there were only 2 missionaries in this area but now there are 6!! :) 4 elders and 2 sisters so it is great! The ward really has Dendo spirit too and they really want to help in the work and strengthen the less active members too. I am speaking in church next week so that will be an adventure...... haha Just mainly a testimony.
I feel like I have so much to tell you and I am running out of time. I LOVE IT HERE!!! oh it is so cold. Kind of warmer then Utah but at night it is freezing and people only heat one room of there house... so it is kinda funny and I am pretty much always cold except for when I eat and sleep. Oh and I love sleeping on Futons! they are the best! :) The food is amazing :) I am really going to try sending you pics but it hasn't been working so I am so sorry if I can't... I really tried :) haha I love this work and even though it is hard and I completely don't understand the people it is okay because it is true and it will all work out in the end. I haven't bought my bike yet.. I will probably do that this week. Oh and I might have to buy a electronic dictionary thing and they are kind pricey but I will tell you more about that later! Happy NEW YEAR! :) I love you all!
One last thought. This is our mission motto and it is my favorite thing ever!
Obedience is the price, Faith the power, Love is the motive, the Spirit is the Key,Christ is the Reason.
My goal is to Live, Sleep and Breath this motto. This Church is True :) I love you all and hope you have the best week ever! Until next week :)
Ai Shite Imasu!
Love, Ashby Shimai

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