Monday, January 13, 2014

Eikaiwa - teaching english

My dearest Dears :)
Well it is P-day again!!! Weeks seem to go by so fast yet somedays are so slow. Epesically when you don't have very many people to teach. But we are working hard to find those people who need to gospel. It is hard though when here people are still trying to figure out whether or not they believe there is even a God. We are meeting so great people, but not many of them seem interested. Since my comp and I are both new, she is only on her 2nd transfer, we are learing a lot of things that we can inprove on. But it is fun to learn and grow. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" right? :) haha
Tuesday: We got 17 meaningful contacts which is so good!! :) everyday we have a goal of 10 and so it was so happy to get 17!! but we only got the contact info for 2 or them.... :) Which still is way better than it could be. It is so fun to talk to kids. They speak so fast and so a can't understand them but they are so dang cute. I love it! Kids are the best way so start a conversation for me. I just say hi to the kids and ask how old they are and them my comp starts talking to the parents. :) It is fun. hahah
Wed: We teach english every wed. and it my favorite part of the week!! :) They people are so funny and nice. :) The Bishop and he wife are in my class and they are so sweet. Eikaiwa is the best way to get investigaters here. Because we teach it right at the church and pray before and after and people become really interested. There is one lady in our class that we really hope becomes an investigater she is so sweet and seems somewhat interested in the gospel.
Thursday: I met a girl who speaks english and I was able to testify of the Book of Mormon in English. :) She wasn't very interested but she was very nice. and it was really cool to testify in english because I actually understood what I was saying. Later that day we saw her again cause she lives in our apartment builing actually. So hopefully something will come of it. Right now it is kind hard cause we are working hard but not having a ton of success, but I know that the lord will bless us for our efforst. :) He alwasy does, even if it isn't immeditaly. And I know I will look back on the 1st transfer of my mission and smile becasue it made me stronger. :)
Friday: I know we dendoed a lot but I don't remeber a ton. Oh I remember :) We actually taught a less active member that day and it was really cool! She has been less active for almost 12 years I think and we read the book of mormon with her for the first time in a long time. When she held the Book of Mormon in her hands she looked so happy. It was really cool!
Saturday: Saturday I realised that if I just go about doing as much good as I can I will be making a difference. :) So I kept singing the song "I am trying to be like Jesus" over and over sometimes in my head and sometimes out loud. That song has forsure become one of my favorites. I say hello to everyone and "Genki desu ka?" Which is how are you? and they laugh and say "Genki" Cause Nihongene never greet eachother if they don't know eachother....weird I know ;) hopefully I am putting some more happiness in the world just by doing that.
Sunday: I spoke in Church! :) I love my ward. They are so sweet and tell my my Japanese is "Jouzu" Which means good.... but they are all just being nice....haha :) IT was a good day though.
Monday: P-DAY!!! :) we had a mochitsuki today!! so fun! It was a ward party and they made Mochi which is rice pounded into this paste/Dough that is super thick and tastes like rice. But it is okay. :) haha some times they prepare it really yummy and sometimes it is nasty haha but it was fun to try and pound the rice. We also painted some kanji on nice paper. I drew my first kanji and it was "Hikari" which means light. I loved it.
My 2 favorit parts of the day are personal study and when we get to teach, Teaching right now is really rare... we have maybe taught 3 lessons.... So we are really trying to find more people to teach. :) Personal study is the best. It is my time to learn what I can do to help those around me come closer to Christ. :) And Reading the scriptures is my favorite thing every :) I love this gospel and the Book of Mormon. I know that this Church is true and I love it! :) I love all of you so much and I am so grateful for your prayers cause I forsure need them! :)
I pray for you everyday!! :) have a wonderful week!
Love, Ashby Shimai
I don't have pday again until next tuesday casue we are going to the temple that day!! :) I am so excited!!!! :) :) until next week! I will try and send some pictures :)

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