Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I love to see the TEMPLE I went inside today - Toyko Temple

Dear my Loves!! :)
Okay to start this week has been the best yet hear in good ol' Tama. :) I LOVE JAPAN!!! haha :) It is always such an adventure. I am learning so much.... and sometimes it is hard, but mostly it is just the best. :) To start I am so sorry I am typing fast so my days and thoughts might seem little disjointed as always......hahah :) oh well you get the main idea.
Tuesday: We had Zone Meeting. :) We Learned lots of new ways to Dendo so that we can get more meaningful contacts everyday. Everyday we are supposed to get 10 meaningful contacts. Which means having a 2-10 min conversation with someone and telling them why you are in Japan. :) There are lots of ways to get meaningful contacts but as a mission we are really trying to make them more MEANINGFUL. Last week was the 1st time our mission had over 100% of meaningful contacts. Which means every missionary talked to over 70 people a week. Which is pretty cool. There are TONS of people in Japan and we have to talk to EVERYONE. :) haha Anyway after Zone Conference I went on Splits with Miskin Shimai and man that Sister is on fire. She is the BEST!! I learned a lot from her and she helped me to feel a lot better about my mission and now I am just in the best mind set. Before I went on splits with her I will be honest I was struggling a bit.... but now I really feel like I have my head on better. :) and I am really happy. I got to go live with Padelsky Shimai for a day too so that was a nice Bonus. I sure miss that girl! She is for sure my best friend in this mission which is nice to have when all of your best friends are half way across the world. :) haha
Miskin Shimai and I met some ladies on the road and they were on their way to a Buddhist Temple. They asked if we wanted to come and we were like perfect we can talk to these ladies! It was so cool. We went and they explained a lot of things to us and we made some really good friends with them and were able to talk a lot about the similarities in religion and such. They were so sweet.
Wed: IT WAS THE BEST DAY!! We talked to so many people this day and I met this really cool girl from Australia that only speaks English and so that was nice. She was so sweet and I gave her my tiny English Book of Mormon that I was SO glad I had with me. It was so cool and as I testified to her of the Book of Mormon and God's love for her her eyes got all teary. It was so cool. I could tell that she could feel the power of what I was saying and it is so cool to feel the power of God through what you say. I really hope something comes of it. We also met another lady that is a New investigator. She mainly just wants to learn English and straight up told us that we can teach her the lessons, but that she will never go to church. But she is really cool and sweet and so we are hoping for the best.
Thursday: Lots of Dendoing :) haha I don't remember lots and I didn't write much in my journal....haha :)
Friday: Best part of Friday was Sports Night! It is as the Stake Center and investigators come and anyone that wants to come and we just play games and get to know them more. We play ping pong, volleyball, basketball, etc. It was so fun and it was a miracle cause our investigator came!!! :) She has been an investigator for like 6 months now and this was her 2nd time coming to sports night. She is slowly slowly progressing. But when people have eternity it doesn't matter how fast they progress just that they progress. :)
Saturday: We have started doing Rajiotaiso every morning at 6:30 in the park with the old people. It is the funny stretching thing that Japanese people do. I LOVE IT!! and the old people are so nice. It is a really great way to talk to people and it feels good and wakes me up haha. We run to the park which is all up hill and then run back all down hill :) haha :) Oh and about the cold. To be honest it is cold here, BUT there is no snow and it really isn't that cold. Just since we are out in it all the time it feels colder. But I really am good! This week has been a lot warmer. :) Saturday night we had the Adult session of Stake Conference. President Wada did a presentation. It was great and all about member missionary work. Member missionary work is really the way to go! It is so much better to get a referral from a member and then instantly that person has a friend in the Church which is SO important.
Sunday: Stake Conference! It was great :) all in Japanese, but so great. We sang in the choir and it was a lot of fun.
Monday: I had a really cool experience with my companion. She has been really discouraged lately cause she is only on her 2nd transfer and training already. She told me she feels bad for me cause I don't have a better trainer, and then just broke down. It totally broke my heart. It was really cool though cause as we talked about it I was able to feel the Lord speaking through me to her. I just opened my scriptures and it opened straight to Jacob 4 and I just started reading and breaking down each scripture piece by piece. All I really remember was thinking half way through it all "This is not me speaking." I was learning from what I was saying and I was telling her things and testifying to things that I didn't even know I knew. It was such a cool and spiritual experience. I felt so much love for her at that moment. I thought of Nicole actually at one point. Cause there have been so many times that Nicole has just sat and talked to me and comforted me and felt like I was being sister Nakamura's older sisters right then. I loved it. :) So thanks Nicole. :) God really is guiding this work and I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to have him work through me to bless others.
I am out of time....haha :) But Love you all so much!
Oh one last thing.... Today we went to the Tokyo temple! And that means I got to go out of my mission.....hahahha :) It is literally in the middle of the city. It just comes right up on you. Like literally all of a sudden you just look up and see the angel Moroni. :) It was so good to be in temple again. It feels exactly the same wherever you are the world. Make a goal to go to the temple this week. It is such a blessing. :) And doing the work for a Japanese Sister was really cool :)
I know that this Church it true! :) I love it! Obedience is the price. Faith is the power. Love is the motive. The Spirit is the Key. Christ is the Reason. :) I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!
PS... the milk here is different but I like it. :) Oh and I drink OJ all the time so I am pretty happy :) hahah :)

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