Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter

Dearest Fam Bam,

Happy Easter!!! Happy Anniversary お父さんとお母さん!!! Happy birthday
Whitney!! And happy anniversary Nicole and Matt!! Wow big week?!? :)

This week, as always, has been great and filled with many miracles.
But Easter was so great! I am sure you have all seen the "Because of
him" video, but if not go watch it!! It is amazing. Jesus Christ is
the reason why I am here in Japan. It is my all time favorite video.
We have been sharing it with everyone we can and it has been amazing.
People in Japan don't really know the real reason behind Easter. It is
just 卵の日 (egg day) haha ;) but Christ lived and because he lived so
shall we.

So last week miracles and stories.....

Tuesday we went to go visit a less active who lives on the edge of our
area. Well we went to go see if she still even lives there... So we
biked for about 1 1/2 hours to get there. She no longer lives there.
But we met some great people a long the way and had some really good
conversations so it was worth it. :)

(Ps the area I am in is all biking is fun. ;) haha

So this week our one investigator with a baptismal date hasn't been
doing well at all. She gas gotten really discouraged and was really
tired from work and so she couldn't meet at all. She for a while
stopped answering her phone even. It was really worrying us
because her baptismal date was for this Saturday. Last night she
called us finally and said that she had had a huge fight with her
roommate and needed us to come over. We were able to finally talk to
her and teach her again last night. The whole time she just kept
saying how she needs to repent. This whole week we have been worried
that she had lost her faith, but she hasn't?!? She still knows that
this is the true church she just has weaknesses that she is still
trying to over come. But we are moving her baptismal date for a couple
weeks. She is reading the Book of Mormon again and so that is such a

Today we had temple Pday. On the train home we met this girl who is
Christian and has such a strong testimony of Christ. We gave her a
Book of Mormon and she was really happy. I love giving people book of
Mormons. It is probably my favorite type of Dendo. It is literally my
favorite book and so giving it to people just is the happiest thing
because you know it is going to help them in their life. :) I have
seen so many times the power that comes from reading the Book of
Mormon. It changes lives. It has for sure changed mine.

Being on my mission has helped me realize how much potential people
have. We are created for so much more! And Christ makes it possible
for us to accomplish that. Please don't forget the simple truth that
you are a child of a loving Heavenly Father. I feel it every time I go
to the temple. :) go to the temple this week if you get the chance. :)

I love you all and pray for you every week!! Prayer is the best!

Love, Ashby Shimai


Mexican food in Japan :) some of my favorite sisters :)

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