Monday, April 7, 2014

And the rain came tumbling down... :) just a little though.

Dear My wonderful family,

You guys are all just the best! Did you know that. I am so grateful
for everyone one of you reading this email. You are so wonderful and
loved. And you have influenced and blessed my life so much! So
どうもありがとうございます! (Thank you so much)

This week has been fun! It rained a little. The weather is great here
though. It will rain really hard and then a couple hours later be
perfect weather. :) kinda like Utah...... Oh wait the whole world is
kinda like that... Haha :)

This week we have walked a ton..... I wish I could track how many
miles I walk a day. :) we would ride bikes but my bike hasn't been
shipped from Tama yet so we are stuck with walking for a while. But it
is fun :)

The language is coming...... :)

Anyway the best day of the week would have to have been Saturday. We
had a hanami with a ton of eikaiwa students and investigators, (Which
is a picnic under the Sakura trees) after that we went to the stake
relief society meeting and watched the general women's conference and
that night we had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators who
now has a baptismal date again!!!!!!!!!! It was overall just a great

The Women's meeting was so good and it made me so excited to watch
conference next week!!!!!! :) how was conference??? Did you all love
it?? I for sure have taken living in Utah for granted my whole life.
We are so blessed be able to just turn on the TV and watch the prophet
speak Or drive 1/2 hour and see it live! That is such a blessing!!

So we have an investigator with a baptismal date!!! I am so excited
for her. She is an amazing lady. She is a miracle. Really though just
a few weeks ago she was smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day, drinking
3-6 cans of beer and 5-6 cups of coffee a day!!! These past few days
she has given up beer and coffee all together and now only smokes 2
cigarettes a day. It is really hard for her but she has so much faith.
She is amazing. She has a couple other things she has to work through
before she gets baptized but she really has a great desire and so much
faith. I just love her. Pray for Rika. Her date is set for April 26th.
Before she had a date for April 4th but she is now working for this new date. It is the best experience working with someone who is so 

close to receiving baptism. It is so amazing!!!!!!!!

I love being here in Japan!! I know I say that every week....but I
love it here! This work is truly inspired by God. There is so much
good to be done in the world and we as members of the church have the
privilege of doing so much good. We have the truth of the restored
gospel of Jesus Christ. We have the light and as we let our light
shine others will see it and desire to do the same. Be that light :)

I love that we are here in this life to grow, change and become. I
love the Book of Mormon and how through it we can learn about Christ
and pattern our lives after his. This church is so good and full of so
much goodness!!! So many people see that yet they don't understand why
they need it..... It is so frustrating sometimes...hah :) but we just
have to keep sharing and loving and being examples of Jesus Christ. :)

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!! I will for sure
have a great week!!! Sorry for the randomness of this letter...haha :)
my thought have always been random though so.... Oh well! You guys are
the best!!

Ashby Shimai



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