Monday, April 28, 2014



I have so much I want to tell you and so little time........
This week has been amazing. We have been really busy and this next
week is even busier. But being busy is the best!!!! It means we are
teaching lessons and seeing progress!!!! :) I love it!!

First funny our house has super steep stairs and you have
to be really careful going down them so you don't fall cause they are
wood and super slippery. Well this week I feel down them......
Ouch!!!!!! I have a huge bruise on my bumb. Like HUGE!!!! Haha it was
the funniest moment though!!! I was laughing so hard. Then a few days
ago my comp fell off her chair during personal study and when she hit
the ground she peed her pants!! It was the funniest moment ever!!!! So
sometimes we fall down a lot but life is good still. :) haha just some
funny moments.

Anyway!!! Tons of cool things happened this week but my favorite day
was Friday. Kawajo Shimai my Nihongene comp. had Japanese conference
on Friday so it was just Bickmore Shimai and I. We saw some pretty
cool miracles. Talk about gift of tongues. We were able to talk to so
many people and talk a lot about the Book of Mormon. I loved it. Later
that night we had a lesson with an investigator, Rika. The lesson was
amazing!! We talked about the atonement and after the lesson Rika said
she felt the spirit so strong. Our Japanese was really simple but we
were still able to meet her needs and help her overcome some hard
things. It was amazing.

Then later that night one of our investigators called and said she was
reading about Ammon and applying his life to hers. She talked about how
the Book of Mormon is so much easier for her to read then the bible.
She loves the Book of Mormon. She has just barely started learning
about the gospel and she is already loving the Book of Mormon. That
book has so much power!!!

This whole week has just been a testament to me that He guides this
work and when we rely on Him everything will work out, always :) the
scriptures are full of amazing promises and blessings if we follow
Christ and live it. I love the gospel. It changes my life everyday
that I live it. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ I am able to become
better, happier, and help others do the same. :) share how the gospel
of Jesus Christ has blessed your life with someone this week. It will
strengthen your testimony. I know it! :)

Love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Mother's Day is so soon!!  Can't wait to talk to you all!!

Ashby Shimai


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