Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hey Hey Hey Happy Mothers Day

Hey family,

Long time no see.... Wait I saw you yesterday!!!!!!! Hahah. That was
so much fun to see all of your wonderful faces. I love you all just so

So this one is just going to be quick.... sorry :)

But this week has been good. We had transfers and I am now in
Fujuisawa!! I was sure sad to leave Kouhoku but it is alright. I will
go wherever I am needed. Right? :) so I am in Fujisawa and my
companion is Sister Heather Brox. She is the best!! She is from Las
Vegas.She is transfer 2 and I am transfer 4. 
So together we make the equivalent of a transfers 6 missionary, which fun
fact for you. That is the average "age" or "transfer" of the
missionaries in this mission. It is a super young mission still. Haha
:) but we are having a great time and seeing some cool miracles.

Last night we went over to dinner at a members house and something
really cool happened. For the first time on my whole mission I was
able to follow and understand almost everything in that
conversation!!!! It was so amazing!!! Talk about gift of tongues. I was
saying hints that I didn't even know I could say. It was for sure one
of the coolest experiences ever!!! We had a great time. :)

I know that God will help us become all, that he needs us to be if we
just turn our hearts over to him. When we give our all to him he is
able to mold us and make us better, stronger and more qualified to
serve him. I know that he is helping me everyday to share this gospel
in a language that I never thought I would speak. So I am pretty much
a walking miracle. :) hahahahaha I know that this work is inspired and
lead by a loving Heavenly Father who wants the best for his children.
Give your heart to him and he will help you become all he intends you
to be. I know God loves each of you. You are the best family anyone

could ask for!!

Keep being you! Have a great week!!
Love, Hannah Ashby Shimai

The temple today was great!!!!!!

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