Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I love Fujisawa

My dearest family,

How have you all been?

I am doing great! This week has been great! We have been doing
lots of finding and streeting and housing and everything you can do to
find new investigators. So far we haven't had much success, but we
just keep going. We have been having some cool tender mercy
experiences a long the way though. :)

This week I thought a lot about the phrase, "lift where you stand." I
love that phrase!!! We can only do what we can do right? So where ever
we find ourselves we must "lift where we stand."
The other day I was standing outside of a less active members house
with Sister Brox. We both had no idea what she was really saying
because she was speaking Japanese with a little Portuguese mixed in
there. I had the thought though, "we just need to listen to her." She
talked to us for a long time about her family and how she knows she
should be coming to church and how she loves the book of alma. The
whole time I probably said 20 words. But she talked, and talked and
talked. In that moment all, I could really do is stand there a try
with all my might to understand what she was trying to say. So I
tried. And in the end it was amazing. She came to church on Sunday and
it was so good for her. :) that was my experience of "lifting where I
stand" this week. Sometimes in this work I don't feel like I can do
that much. I can't say a ton in Japanese but I know that Heavenly
Father makes up for that because he helps me to lift where I stand :)

So what have you wonderful people been doing to "lift where you
stand"??? :) please share I would love to hear! we have opportunities
everyday to do good in this world :) look for them.

Okay cool thing!!!!! Elder Cook is coming to our mission this week to
speak to the north and south mission!!!!!!!!! I am so
excited!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be such a cool experience. :) If you can't
tell I am way stoked! And that means I get to see people from all over
the mission like Padelsky Shimai, brown Shimai, Nakamura Shimai, And
tons of other people that I love and miss so much!!!!!!!! It is going
to be the best day ever. I can't wait to tell you all about it.

So life here is great and I love Fujisawa. :) this week we went to the
beach area and dendoed around there. It was so beautiful!!!  I will
send some pics. Well have a great week my lovely family!!

Hannah ashby Shimai

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