Saturday, May 10, 2014

another earthquake May 4, 2014

Dear family,

This one is going to be short because there is too much to say but not
enough time to say it all. This week though has been for sure without
a doubt the best week of my mission!!! We taught so many lessons and
saw so many miracles. Our investigators are doing amazing and
progressing and I love this area!!!!! The ward us amazing the people
are amazing! The Lord is hastening this work!

Just a few things I think you should know if you don't already.....
1. This church is so true!!!!
2. The message of the restoration has power! It is the most wonderful
story. Joseph smith was a prophet. He saw God the father and Jesus
Christ and this church was restored through him.
Cool story so today we had an open house at Yamate church, (an old
church in Tokyo) as we were giving tours I was talking to this lady.
We got to the picture of Joseph smith and she just stopped and stared
at it. Then she said she just got the chills as she looked at it. A
little bit later she started crying and telling me that she felt so
much power in her heart. She said she felt peaceful and, "hontoni ii
kimochi". It was so amazing. She loved that picture. It was so cool.
3. If someone is looking for the Book of Mormon and they can't find
it.... The Book of Mormon will find them.... and in Japanese. :) today
I saw that happen so many times. :) it was amazing!!!!!!!!!
4. I have never been so happy :) it us so much fun to share the gospel
and see it change peoples lives.

Oh I wish I could write and write about all the miracles that happened
this week. But cool thing, yesterday our investigator Rika bore her
testimony in church and she did amazing. She has a little bit more to
work through before she can get baptized, but she has so much faith
and it is amazing to watch her change and grow as she reads the Book
of Mormon and prays. :)

Well I love you all and I am so excited to talk to you next week!!!
Mom I will send you the info. :) we can skype!!! But what time is your
church at??? :)

Thank you for your prayers and love!!

Transfer calls are today. I think I am leaving kouhoku. :( I don't
want to but I will go wherever The Lord needs me to go. :) we get them
in like 30 if I still have time I will tell you the status.
Haha :)

Love ya!!! Happy cinco de mayo!!!!

Ashby Shimai

Ps. There was an earthquake this morning!!!! Super small. But it woke
us up this morning. :) it started off really small and then got a lot
bigger but it only knocked over like 1 or 2 things on the desks so not
that big. Weird feeling though.

Learned to make melon pan :) this is my favorite!!!!!!!! So so good!!!!
Oh and the banana bread was perfect thanks mom!!!

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