Monday, September 8, 2014

F-u-j-I-s-a-w-a :)

Dear family!!!

Transfers came and I am staying in Fujisawa!!!!!! Yay!!!! I love this ward and the people and all the people I get to work with!!!! I have spent about 5 months of my mission here and I love it!!!! My new companion will be Sister Lambert. :) it will be fun!! I don't know her at all so it will be an adventure! :)

Sorry today has been a crazy day and we have just a little email time so this one actually will be really short....... So much has happened this week but I will just tell you about my amazing Sunday!!

I was on splits with Sasaki Shimai. I have lived with her ever since I came to Fujisawa and she goes home this week. It was such a good Sunday. :) testimony meeting was amazing! After church we taught a lesson together to their investigator who had her baptismal interview yesterday. We taught her the last lesson she needed before her interview. We both went into that lesson not really knowing where it was going to go, but it turned out to be the best lesson I have ever been in!!!!!! We both taught with so much unity and the spirit was so strong, we had two members with us as well and they shared such strong testimonies. :) not only was it spiritual but it was fun!! Everyone just felt good. I love teaching the gospel!! It is amazing and it is true. The spirit is the true teacher. :) I love learning as you teach. That is one way you know the spirit is there. I for sure learned a lot that lesson. It was such a privilege to teach with Sasaki Shimai one last time before she leaves. She is for sure one of those people I love so much!!! So grateful for her!! :) so grateful for my mission!
Went to the Aquarium
Oh I wish I could tell you everything!!!!!!!! But we will save it all for later. :)

If you only ever just remember one thing from all of these letters that I write with so many random thoughts and poor English just remember this..... If you are reading this letter I love you so much!!!! You are amazing! You a child of God. And I know that this church is true. Gods has a plan for each of us. He will guide us. :)

I love you all so much! :)



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