Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happiest birthday ever!! :)

Japan Tokyo South Mission Fujisawa 4

This week has been the best week ever! :) I had such an amazing
birthday and I loved all of the letters. Best birthday package ever!!! Thank you so much for all of the love! :) it was for sure felt! We had some great miracles and happy moments this week!

We gave out so many book of Mormons this week and taught some amazing lessons. :) that always makes for a good week. :) to top it all off on Saturday Fujisawa had a baptism!! Such a great day! Matsuda Shimai is so cute and she was ready. I was able to teach her once and that lesson was probably one of the best lesson of my mission so far. The spirit was so strong that lesson. This week at her baptism you could tell there was some stress between things going on and ward members, but after she was baptized all of that left and the spirit was there.
On my birthday we taught a lesson, visited 2 less active members and had sports night at the church. It was a pretty perfect day of Dendo.:) Not to hot or cold. :) The weather right now is so perfect! Somedays there is a little chill in the air and you can feel fall is coming.  It is so happy!!

Sorry this letter is so random. :) It has been such a great week I
feel like a can't think. :)

Literally though I don't think I had one bad day this week. :) it was
a tender mercy of The Lord. :)

Church yesterday was the best. We had 2 invest agrees there, the other sisters had an investigator and their recent convert, the elders had two investigators, and then during sacrament meeting a less active family  walked in with their friend who said he wanted to go to church, and then a man from Africa walked in looking for a church to attend, since he loves God and just got here this week. It was amazing!! Heavenly Father is really guiding this work and he is guiding people to this gospel. It is amazing being on this end of things and watching Heavenly Father guide not only my life, but everyone around me as well.
So happy to be here in Fujisawa and surrounded by all the wonderful
people I am surrounded by. :) thank you for all the birthday love and
wishes! It was a great day and for sure one I will never forget! I
love you all and I know that God is guiding your life. Trust in Him
more. Prayer more. Read the Book of Mormon more. Serve more. Love
more. Be more the person you know God wants you to be. We can always
do more to follow Gods will for us. :) I know that that is true. I
know that God loves His children. I have felt that love so much this
week and I can't wait to share that love more with people this week.


Candle out of a chopstick
feeling loved

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