Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy One Year!

Dear family! 

This week was a Happy __________ week. Haha :) Happy One year! Happy Halloween! Happy November! Time goes by so fast! I can't believe I have been gone for over a year. It feels like just a few weeks ago I went into the MTC. This week has been such a good week and so many miracles have happened. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to meet, associate with, and become eternal friends with these amazing people. 

Just a few highlights of the week......

This week we had a 3 day Mission conference. The Zones were split up into three groups and get group had a conference on a different day. Ours was on Thursday. It was amazing! The Asia North Mission president, Elder Ringwood, and his wife came and spoke to us along with President and Sister Wada. That meeting was full of the spirit and revelation! I loved ever second of it. So many amazing thoughts were shared and it was so wonderful. Those are the type of people you want to grow up and be like. They are full of light, life, and love. Such wonderful examples. Elder Ringwood shared so many wonderful things but two things I took away from it were these: 
1. We have the spirit of Revelation when we testify of those things that WE have been taught, that WE know are true through the spirit. We have the spirit of Prophecy when we teach about Jesus Christ. It is the testimony of Jesus Christ. We can teach with the Spirit of Prophecy and the Spirit of Revelation just as the scriptures teach. I really liked that. 

2. "Therefore what?" President Ringwood talked about after every meeting we go to we should ask ourselves "Therefore what?" What have we learned that we are going to apply to our lives and change about ourselves. When we sit in meetings we are spiritually nourished by the word of God. But when after the meeting is done if we ask ourselves "therefore what?" And apply what we have been taught, then we have the opportunity to change and become better. It is letting the spirit enter into our hearts and change us. That is a new goal I have. Also ask "Therefore what?" :) 

Such an amazing opportunity to meet Elder and Sister Ringwood. "Therefore" I will work harder as a missionary as the counseled us to do. :) 

That night after we came home from the conference we had the opportunity to teach with the elders and a member and a lady the elders had met on the street a few days earlier. She had lived in America for 20 years and has an amazing story with Mormons and Christians. She has met and associated with Many people of many Christian beliefs. She has also attend many churches and read the bible. But she has always had a problem with how Christians treat other Christian faiths. She kept saying, "Isn't God everyones God?" "Isn't he the same God?" She has always been impressed though by the Mormons. All the Mormons she has met have had so much respect for others. She just kept saying, "what do you have that other Christian churches don't?" It was an amazing lesson!! We were able to testify and answer some of her questions. She has been so prepared over the years! It is amazing to hear her story and see how God has been guiding her life all the way up to this moment until she has the opportunity to meet the missionaries. We will be teaching her tomorrow. We are so excited! She is amazing! Pray for her and that as she hears our message she will recognize the truth of it. :) 

We have had so many great things happen this week and I am excited to see what else is to come. The temple today was amazing. I saw a sister from Fujisawa Ward and it totally made my day!!! She is amazing! Another one of my Japanese moms. :) i love the temple. I also got to see some of the missionaries from my MTC district and Elder Clark who is Nic Clarks little brother!! So great!! 

Oh and I didn't mention this before I think but Elder Tanner Livingston is in my district right now!!! We went to high school together! It is so fun to work with him!!! He is such a good missionary. I love the church. The Book of Mormon is the word of God! 
Have a great week! And happy holiday season!! 

Love, アシュビー姉妹

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