Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear family,

Happy best week ever! I love Thanksgiving! I am so excited. :) We have been invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner with a family on a Military Base. So we actually get to eat Thanksgiving dinner in Japan. Yay! But
Thanksgiving is not all about the food. There are so many things I am so grateful for from this past week. Here are 3.

1. First I am grateful for the Primary Program. I am so grateful for the primary program!! The theme this year has become one of my favorite songs. "The family is of God". There were 8 children who sang in the Hodogaya Ward Primary Program. 6 of them were members kids and 2 girls, ages 8 and 9 are non members. They have been coming to church for about 3 months now and we go visit them sometimes and invite them to activities. Their mom doesn't want them to be taught by the missionaries but she is okay with them coming to church and the missionaries visiting them. They loved singing in the program and I was praying the whole time that they will remember these songs for the rest of their lives.

There was so much good that came from the primary program. The elders had an investigator at church who has a baptismal date for next month. This investigator is a miracle boy. He is 18 years old and has a really rough family situation. He really wants to have a good family of his own someday. The theme of the program really touched his heart and his desire to be baptized increased. The Ward here hasn't had a baptism in 3 years and so this baptism is a miracle for them. We are all praying for him so much!

2. I am grateful for the inspiration that come from our leaders. We had president interview this last Thursday. I am so grateful for President Wada and his desire to help everyone come unto Christ. He helped me gain perspective on things that I need to do to be better and help my investigators more. He is not only helping us now with our investigators but he is teaching us principles that will guide us for the rest of our lives especially in future families and marriage. Lately there have been a lot of things running through my head of things that I am worrying about. While talking with him a lot of those concerns and worries were able to be resolved. That is such a blessing we have. God has given us leaders to help and guide us through this life. I a, so grateful for that.

3. I am grateful that when things don't work out the way you planned, there is still hope. This week we had a few of our lessons fall through because of other important things that investigators had come up. We also had a really hard lesson with one of our investigators. By the time we got to weekly planning this week it seemed like a lot of our current investigators weren't doing too good and our key indicators weren't looking too good. But looking at all of those numbers and such I didn't get too discouraged because I knew that there was still hope. Hope that God would guide us to help these people. That he has a plan, an individual plan, for each of them. He will guide us to find those that WILL receive our message. Not all weeks are perfect as far as numbers go, but God is still guiding us and helping the people we are trying to help. Just holding on to that
hope. :)

I love the gospel and I am so grateful for it!! I am so excited for this week. We have a lot planned and I pray that we will be guided to be able to do all those things God would have us do this last week of the transfer. I can't believe it is already the last week of the transfers.....time is going by way too fast! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :) keep being great! I am praying for you.


I just love Mount Fuji!!!! :)

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