Monday, April 20, 2015

Flowers and happiness :)

Dear family,

It really is the little things that make life good and happy. I was reminded of that this week a lot simply by flowers. One day we were street contacting to an investigators house and on the way I complimented a lady arranging flowers in front of her shop. She took out two of the flowers and gave them to my companion and I. She was so cute. We had a great conversation. She was so happy and told us that the only way to speak to God was in Spanish! And so she wants to learn Spanish. :) She was so cute!

The second happy flower experience was while we were riding our bikes up this huge hill!! We stopped half way to not only take a break but talk to a women looking at the cherry blossoms. She was so in love with them it was so cute and reminded me of a child. We were able to sonars with her about the Plan of Salvation a little and set up a chance to go meet with her again. So this week I am grateful for flowers and the opportunity they give me to see Joy and share the gospel. It truly is the little things. :) Focus more on the small joys
of everyday life that make life happy.

This week we also met another old couple that taught me the importance of that same idea, this couple is in their late 80's. We found them housing and they let us into their home to share a message. First that was a miracle in it of its self! We were asking them how
they stayed so 元気 this long and the wife said she laughs a lot and that is why she is 元気. She laughed so much while we were there and it
just brought joy into that home. :) God is happiness and He wants us too to be happy. Laugh, smile and share your happiness with others. It will prolong your life and maybe make two missionaries really happy too! :)

This week our dear friend/investigator from India went back to India for a few weeks. She was so excited though to share the Book of Mormon with her family and others there. It was so cute. She asked us for extra copies so she could give one to the pastor of the church in her village and her father and brother. It was so cute. She wanted to share it with everyone. She has only read a little bit of it so far but she knows it is good. We are praying that she has the opportunity to meet the missionaries there. We looked up the closest churches to
her village and hopefully going there  will help her understand the gospel in her own language. English is really hard for her. :) But we know God will help her.

I love you all so much. Love is so important. Love life. Love to laugh. Love the little things. Love the gospel. Show more of your love to God. Keep the commandments and be happy. That is true love. :) Love of the good things in life. God is where that goodness come from. :)


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