Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Dear Family!

Happy Easter! We had a great Easter Sunday. It was full of happiness, testimonies, and miracles. This week we had some happy days. Today I wanted to share three things that I believe are really important to understand.

1. God wants us to be happy. :) There are so many things that bring me happiness everyday. :) This week was Cherry Blossom week in Japan. Spring is here. Easter time! I was able to go on splits with the Shonan sisters. We had such a good time talking to so many people. But the best part of it was just thinking about all the things during the day that made me happy. And most of it came because of other people. The old man at the food stand that always waves to the missionaries. The jr. High school kids running, but who wanted to stop to say hello.:)  All the thousands of people at the park looking at the Sakura trees and enjoying the weather. God has made us a beautiful world and filled it with so many wonderful people, who just need the gospel in their lives! So happy I get to share it with them.

2. If you seek with real intent you will find. This week after eikaiwa I had the opportunity to testify to one of the elders investigators about finding answers through the words of the prophets. He has a baptismal date, but is still looking for an answer. We talked about general conference coming up, and the power of the words of the prophets. It was a great conversation and the end he committed to pray about his questions and then come to general conference to help him find his answer. The next day I put that to the test for myself, because you can't tell your investigators to do anything your not already doing... So I went to Mission leadership council with questions. (I always do...but this time I really really really prayed about them) And I received answers. To all of them. :) I know that as we seek with real intent the Lord will bless us with answers to all of our questions. And he will do it in his own way. :)

3. The most important thing is to love people, including yourself. :) President Wada has been talking a lot lately about loving ourselves as well as loving others. We have had a lot of missionaries being too hard on themselves I guess. But I know that if we really come to understand our true identity as sons and daughters of God we will learn to love ourselves because of not only who we are but whose we are. :) God loves us, so we need to love ourselves. :)

Well yesterday was the best day ever! We had a less active come to church with her sons!!!! It we way happy! And a huge surprise! We also had a ward prayer meeting for missionary work in the mountains yesterday morning. The spirit was so strong there. I am so So grateful for these wonderful Atsugi ward member.

We have transfers this week. I am staying and my new companion is Sister Murakami! So excited! :)
Thank you for all of the love and prayers! I am praying for you!


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