Monday, May 4, 2015

Spanish, English, Portuguese, Japanese....I actually don't know what language I am speaking.... :)

Dear family,

Sorry for long title.... :) haha but because time it short today this one won't be long. :)
So currently I am serving in Atsugi. Atsugi is the best place ever! And there are people from around the world who live here! Sometimes I forget what language I am actually speaking. Recently I have started to learn Spanish! We have a recent convert who speaks Spanish and she has been needing help lately. I love her so much!!! We also have a recent convert who speaks Portuguese. And we have been helping her! My companion as you know is Japanese!  I am English..... It is the best feeling in the world though to be sitting with these two women in sacrament using Google translate to help them understand what is going on. They both can speak a little bit of Japanese and we have the best conversations. The spirit is truly there when we speak together. I have felt that the gift of tongues comes in many ways. I always thought I would receive the gift of tongues on my mission to speak
Japanese. But recently I have learned that I was wrong. :)

Yesterday another Wonderful person was baptized into Atsugi Ward.  He is from Cuba and he speaks Spanish. His baptismal service was in Japanese and Spanish. :) It was so beautiful. 9 investigators were there  and 3 recent converts. All different races. It was so amazing to be there  apart of it. The spirit was so strong. I learned this week that the gift of
tongues might not always be to actually understand the language, but maybe to feel the spirit of what a person is saying in the language that they are speaking. I felt that spirit yesterday at the baptism and I am so grateful for that. :)

The church is true and the spirit touches hearts whether you speak Spanish, Japanese, English, Telugu, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. The spirit speaks the language of our hearts. I am so grateful for that. :)

I love you all so much! That you for your love and support!! Happy may!! :)

Ashby Shimai

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