Monday, August 25, 2014

President Wada is the best!! :)

Dear family,

This week has been such an adventure, but can I just say I have the best mission president. He is so amazing! So patient, kind, and full of wisdom. And so funny!!! We all just love President Wada. This week I am especially grateful for him.
So so start with a funny miracle.....

Friday night after sports night we realized the other sisters weren't back from walking to the train station with their investigator. A few minutes after getting home we get a call from the elders saying they are at the hospital and they have nothing with them and that Jolley Shimai fell and they needed us to go to the hospital and bring them their bags that they accidentally left at the church. By now it is like 9:10pm. So we biked as fast as we could to the church, ran to the
station, rode to train to the eki, and ran from the eki to the hospital. In the meantime the mission office calls to see if they can do any thing for us. Sister Wada calls the president to tell him
what is going on and that Jolley Shimai fell and is at the hospital. It was a crazy situation....
Anyway, we get to the hospital to find out that Jolley Shimai is just fine!!! It was a relief... But here was some MAJOR funny miscommunication. Hahha. Anyway long long story shorter... Their investigator had passed out and they just so happened to still be with her. These three men helped them call the hospital and they went with her to make sure she was okay and called her dad. In the end it was a miracle because they were able to build such a good relationship with her dad. Wada kaicho came and picked us up at the hospital and drove us home. He was so understanding and so funny. Driving in the presidents car at 10:30 at night was never something I ever thought would happen on my mission. Crazy... But the whole night many small
miracles happened. :) it ended up just being a funny night. :)

One miracle from the week... Yesterday we were housing and not having too much success so we said a prayer and started walking down a different rode. After a little while of still no success, I said another small prayer in my heart asking God to show us where he would want us to go. After that I looked across the street and saw a family walking down the road. They looked like they were from South America and so we crossed the street to go talk to them. At first they kind of walked passed us.... But we started talking to the dad and the
mom came back to talk. Come to find out they are less active members that haven't been to church in a few years!!! And they are the less active members that one of our former investigators knows!!!! We had been trying to find their house for weeks!! We were able to get their
number and they said we could visit anytime. The mom was so nice and her Japanese is so great. It was such a miracle. It really strengthened my testimony that God guides us and will help us find those who need to be found as we open our mouths.

One thing I learned this week... We had a Training this week for the District leaders and super sisters, aka maybe future zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was an amazing conference and I learned so much!!! The focus was on a talk titled "Jesus: the perfect leader." It is an amazing talk. It talks about all the qualities that make Christ the perfect example of a leader. My favorite part is when it talks about
how he sees our potential. He knows who we will become and he treats us like we are already that person. He shows us perfect love even though we don't deserve it. :) That is what we should be doing for all of those around. Treat others how Christ would treat them. The phrase
"What would Jesus do?" Is always a good reminder of that. As we do what Jesus would do we won't have to worry about our actions. They will be good, they will be full of love. :) Jesus is our perfect example. He loves us and as we follow his example we are happy.

This gospel makes me so happy! So grateful to be sharing it in Japan!
Have a great week. I love you all so much!


We went to the zoo today :)
Fireworks in Japan!!

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