Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There is a baby on the way?!? :)

Okay my dearest family,

I don't know about all of you but I am way way excited to see what this baby is going to look like?!?!? I would even say I might be the most excited for this baby to be  born.... Well Nicole and Matt can be first excited....but I might take a close second. :) I pretty much tell everyone I meet that my sister is having a baby any day now, but she is in America and I am from America... Actually now I am a church volunteer missionary. Have you ever seen missionaries before?.....haha okay maybe not quite to that extreme, but I am really excited. Haha :)
send lots of pictures please.
So today we had temple Pday:) always my favorite Pday of the transfers. The temple has so much peace and comfort. If you need a little kore happiness or peace in your life I suggest going to the temple. It always works for me. :)
So much has happened this week!!! Fujisawa ward had a baptism!!!!! The first this year and it was such a happy day!!!! The Fujisawa ward is
amazing. The ward members want to help the missionaries so much. The sister that was baptized was a referral from her friend and she has been investigating for over a year I believe. Such a cool story. She wasn't going to get baptized for another couple months and then she just decided to give up tea and coffee and get baptized. She is amazing. It was a great meeting!! I was reminded so much of how important our baptismal covenants are. Those were the first promises we made to follow Heavenly Father. :)

This past Sunday we saw a really cool miracle. After church our plan was to go to a park by a members house and do some contacting. Well the elders all of a sudden ride past us on their bikes going to the
same park...so that was so good, good thing we had a back up plan!! Haha there is another park really close by so we went there instead. There were only a few people there so we decided to do some housing.
We housed and housed and nothing..... It was getting time to head back for dinner so we decided we would just finish these last two houses on the street and then head back. The second to last house we walked up
and saw a lady watering her plants. We started talking and she didn't seem to interested. Then I pulled out the Book of Mormon and she was all of a sudden like, "hey I know that church!" Come to find out she
has a friend who is Mormon and she is a former investigator of the church!!!!!!! When we got home later we found her teaching record from 7 years ago with no contact informations at all. Just her name and
what she was taught!!!! It was so cool!! She said we could come by again and talk to her more. Such a cool miracle there is no way anyone would have know how to find this lady, except god. :) it was cool to see that even when your plans get changed you are still being lead by the spirit. Everything happens for a reason. :) so grateful for that!
Well I had a great week and I hope you all did too. :) have fun with
the baby. :)

You are the best family ever. Love you all.

Love, sister hannah ashby


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