Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shinkansen and the Disappearing Mountain; Folks it is the little reminders of Gods love that Really matter in life. :)

Dear family,

This week I have been thinking about how wonderful God really is. How wonderful the belief in God is. I Love God. I Love that I have the knowledge that God is there and that he loves all of his children. I really felt that this week. I had a little bit of a missionary present this last week. One of those moments that just smacks you in the face on why you are where you are doing what you are doing. It was a great moment. I will get it it in a second....first about the week. :)

Oh where to begin..... :)
On Monday we went to Yokohama! It was so fun! We went to landmark tower and saw the Ferris wheel again. いいね。
Tuesday we taught two less actives. Those visits were so great!!!! One sister has been having a really hard time applying the gospel to her life. She says she believes it all but she rarely acts on that belief. (Aka reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, etc.) The bishop asked us to teach her all of the lessons again and with the help of her visiting teachers we had a great lesson on Tuesday. And she has been reading the Book of Mormon this week!!!!!! In Japan there are SO many less active members!!!!! There could be 400 people in a ward but only 100 or so come to church. But it is a great experience working with less actives. I love it!
Our other visit was to help a less active clean out her house a little. She has a lot of stuff!!! Mom...... You would hate and love cleaning her house....haha :) but she got rid of a good pile of stuff which felt so good. She has been coming to church these past couple weeks and I think that is really helping her. It is amazing what the spirit can do for people!

Wednesday while we were street contacting we looked up and there it is..... Mt. Fuji!!!! We have titled it the disappearing mountain. And it always pops up out of now where right when you need to smile. :) But really. I think we have seen it almost everyday this week and it has been a great week! :) God loves us or something? :) haha :)

Thursday while we were searching for a less actives house we were walking along a huge wall with barbed wire fencing. Then we feel the ground start to shake and this thing passes by going a million billion miles an hour. Wow!!!!!!! Guess what?!?!?  We live just down the rode from the bullet train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shinkansen! It is the coolest thing ever! We just kept laughing everytime it passed us. :) It is so fast!!!! So cool!!! It is the little things sometimes that just make you smile because you didn't think those things were really a real thing, but they are! And they are fast! We finally were able to find the address. Come to find out it was the wrong house, but the lady that lived there was so nice and let us talk to her for a while about
church. :) I love nice people.

Friday we taught this cute lady that loves the church and the missionaries. She makes me so happy. Unfortunately she won't find the time to really learn about the church or come to church. She just loves how our message makes her feel. Why don't people see the
connection..... I don't know!

Saturday and Sunday were the best days ever!!!!! We had Stake Conference. :) It was a my pay day as a missionary. I got to go back to Shonandai and see people from Fujisawa Ward and some of the people I taught there! It was such a good experience. Sunday was amazing. One of my old investigators was singing in the stake choir and it was so good to see her. She has been coming to church every week almost. She has some concerns as far as religion goes but it is okay. We all learn "line upon line" right. While the temple president was speaking I had this very distinct impression that I should talk to one of the elders old investigators after the meeting and ask him if he would be interested in taking lessons again. After all of the meetings I was able to talk to him and ask him what his favorite part of the meeting was. E answered that the temple presidents talk. We talked about the temple presidents conversion story for a little and then the spirit just took over the conversation. It was such a cool experience. In the end I asked if wanted to get baptized and E said he did. It was amazing! I few months ago I had a very similar conversation with him and he said he didn't want to get baptized. He has changed so much. He has read almost all of the scriptures including the D&C and now is reading the gospel principles book. He wants to finish reading all that he can before he gets baptized again. The elders them came over and we were all talking together. At that point my campion looked at me because it was getting time for us to go so I looked at E and told him. "E I know you are going to get baptized. And when you get baptized I want to be there! By the way I leave next May to go back to America, so you better read fast!" He looked at me a laughed, but shock my hand. I know the elders in that area will be able to help him
a lot. It was such a good experience to just hear him say he wanted to get baptized. I wish you knew how much of a miracle this is!!!! Haha :) just a few months ago he has no desire. It is amazing the change that can come over people through reading the Book of Mormon. I love
being a missionary and I love the Book of Mormon! :)

Well I hope you all have a happy week. Share the goodness that this season has to offer. Be kinder, more loving, more ready to serve those in need. :) everyone is in need of something and you can be the one to meet that need this Christmas season. :) open your eyes and serve! 

Thank you for all of your love. I love you so much!


Mtn. Fuji!! :) and the temple.

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