Sunday, December 21, 2014

We wish a merry Christmas

Dear Family,

Did you know I love Christmas Time? I LOVE Christmas and all of the
Happiness that comes with this season! Christ is the reason for the season and doesn't that make it the best? :)

This week has been so wonderful. We have seen a lot of miracles and some changes in Hodogaya. :) Everything started on Monday night. That night we had an amazing dinner with the Saito family, who spoiled all of the missionaries and bought us this amazing traditional Japanese dinner. It was beautiful. The Elders sang a song for them and then they shared their conversion stories with us. The spirit was so strong  
in their home, and I just felt like I was at home. It was one of those times when you just say to yourself, "this is what it is all about." I have learned a lot about how to make a house a home from
that family. I am so grateful for their example. It reminds me a lot of my family and I love the feeling there. Anyway.... Monday night we got a call from the APs at about 9:45pm saying that there was an
emergency transfer happening and we would be getting another sister coming to be in the Hodogaya Ward. And guess who it is?!?! Sister Lambert my last companion that I served with in Fujisawa Ward!!!!! 
いいね。:) So we are now three! and the power of three is a true thing my friends. We are loving it. :)

Tuesday we had the best Zone Conference I have ever been to. The spirit was so strong. I love learning and that Zone Conference I learned so much and recognized a lot of how I have changed. Sister Wada spoke first and talked about what it means to have success and what would make our missions a success. She shared a video of returned missionaries sharing what had made their missions a success. All of the things mentioned in the video related to Jesus Christ. It was so amazing to see how these people had been changed because of Jesus Christ. It made me think about how I have been changed because of Jesus Christ. And because it is Christmas time, how the birth of
Jesus Christ changed my life and influenced me as a missionary specifically. Well it has changed everything and influenced every aspect of my life! But His influence has most effected my life in the
aspect of love. It has been in moments when I have felt love or shown love that I have been changed. Jesus Christ has shown me the perfect example of love and he offers me perfect love. Love has
changed and shaped who I am and everything I do. Like President Monson has said, "Love is the essence of the gospel." And I really understood that this week.

We have had many opportunities to do service for people this week. It has given me an opportunity to show more love for those I am serving. I don't have time to share all of the great experiences we
had, but one that I will remember for the rest of my life happened on Friday. We had the opportunity Friday to Visit a Rest home and sing for the people there. We went with a non-member Lady how loves the church and the missionaries, but is against going to church. She is funny, but we love her. We got there earlier and had the chance to talk to a lot if the residence. Oh how much I miss going every Sunday to sing at the old folks home in AF!!!!!! It was so fun to talk to those people!  They love foreigners! It was so great. :) we sang a few songs and the power of three carried us through. The spirit was so strong and it felt so good to testify to those there through song. After one of the workers there asked us where our church is and we were able to invite her to come to church. She is from the Philippines and was so grateful that we came to sing. It was the best day ever! Those old people are so cute and just like the old people in America, just a little shorter and they speak a different language. But it totally was a tender mercy from God to be able to do that at Christmas time.

Saturday we had the Ward Christmas party and it was so amazing! We had 15 non-members there and 3 less actives. It was a miracle. The Ward was so happy and they did such a great job fellow shipping all those came. Everyone had a great time. At the end we were able to sing a song as missionaries and testify of the savior and the importance of 

Christmas. :) I love Christmas!

I am  so excited to hear all of you and see your faces this week!
Until Christmas....well Christmas eve...

I love you!


Our Christmas tree.

Our apartment and Christmas decorations. :) yeah for Christmas lights!!! :)

The cake a sister in the Ward made for the Ward Christmas party. :)
cool right?!?

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