Monday, January 12, 2015

"Do as I am doing. Follow, follow me!"

Dearest Family,

The Primary song "Do as I am doing!" Is an inspired song. :) It is what Christ teaches us to do.  This song pretty much sums up what I was reminded of this week. A lesson I have learned in so many ways on my mission, but this week everything just made sense and came together. So much has happened. So many miracles have occurred and I am just left amazed at how the Lord never cease to bless his children as they, "do as he is doing", and "follow Him". I love the out pour of blessings we receive when we follow the Savior.

All this weeks miracles seemed to take place outside of the current area I am working in, but I know they all actually had a lot of influence on the people we are working with. :)

Where to start.... Last week we got a call really really really late at night. Like 10:28pm late......Haha :) it was from the Elders in my Old area (Fujisawa) and this is what they said, "Sister Ashby! E-san is getting Baptised!! He just emailed us and said he wants to get Baptised!" And they was the length of our conversation. I just hung up the phone and practically screamed I was so happy. Long long long (like 20+ years long) story. I don't know if you remember, but a a month or so ago I shared a story with you about e-san. He was the investgators I talked to at stake conference and talked to him about
baptism. So much has happened to him over a period of 20+ years, but after a long time of faith building and miracles he decided to put his trust in the Lord, follow His example, and do what he knew he needed to do. He was Baptised on Saturday January 10th. And it was the
biggest miracles I have ever seen in my life. When I very I first met E-san he was a very different man, but because of Jesus Christ's example he was able to change and now he is a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and so full of peace. There is so
much I want to tell you about this amazing miracle!! He asked me to speak at his baptism and it was the most humbling experience. The Spirit was so strong. I was back in the Fujisawa Ward building, surrounded by so many people that I love and who have changed my life
in So many ways. The feeling in that room was one I would never be able to describe. It was beauty and the spirit in its finest. It was the feeling that makes you say, "this is why we are here  on the earth. This is what LIFE is all about." It was love, peace, joy, hope, faith and everything thing that makes your heart burst and feel as though it can't handle anything else. It was just a foretaste of what I know heaven will be like. It was so Happy! And I felt so blessed to
be a part of it.

Sorry this is all out of chronological order but..... ;) Haha

Thursday we had MLC in Kichijoji. It was amazing. They talked a lot about repentance and working with Ward members. We also talked about "digital mission" which is how we are going to help members to missionary work online. Speaking of..... Here is your commitment for
the week. If you haven't not already, 1. Make a profile account and link it to your Facebook. 2. Go like and/rate all of the church apps on your App Store. Give it 5 stars and a review! :) please do this! You would be amazed at how much of an impact it could have on
the world and social media if every member of the church did this. :) お願いします。Anyway, MLC was amazing. After learning all of these amazing things and got to go to Kamakura to go on splits with Sister Matsusaka. We saw so many miracles. If you pray for miracles to happen, they happen. I prayed so hard these past few days for miracles and they have just been happening left and right. :) It is amazing. I think I have just been rambling now..... Haha :) We talked to some amazing people, and gave out some copies of The Book of Mormon. What a
great day!

On a fun note.... This week we had the Mochitsuki! Pounding rice into
mochi. Which I don't know how to describe. But it is SO good! I love Japan and their traditional food. :)

What more could you ask for in life then to love where you are and the people you are with. And I do! :) have a great week! You are wonderful people.

Transfer calls came and guess what?!? I am staying in Hodogaya and Sister Brox is my companion AGAIN! Yeah!!  :) so excited!

Sister Hannah Ashby

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