Monday, January 19, 2015

Goodness is so Good

Dear family,

This week has been so much fun! I don't really feel like I have much to say. (Which is weird because I have a lot to say....) Haha :) But I will keep this one short. 3 things I learned this week.

1. The Spirit resides in clean tabernacles. :) This week we did deep cleaning in the apartment. It was a Mission wide cleaning week. We had to literally clean the whole apartment. But it was the best thing ever! I love cleaning. :) But it really feels good to be clean. And to reside in a clean place. I think that is the same not only for our houses but for our spirits as well. When we are clean and pure in mind and deed our spirits feel better residing in our bodies. They feel at
home and comfortable. It is so important to always strive to be clean and pure in all that we do. It creates a peace in our hearts that can only be felt because of that. I want to always strive to not only keep my apartment/house clean so the spirit can be there, but to also keep myself clean so that spirit can always reside in me. Always. :) That is the key. :) so grateful for the Atonement and the Sacrament. :)

2. When you work really really hard it feels so good. Okay so I have known this for a long time and it happens a lot, but this week we had a day where we set higher goals and worked even harder to reach those goals and it felt so good! We had to go to the hospital (by hospital I mean doctor, but in Japan it is all the same. Japanese people go to the "hospital" when they have a cold.....haha) this week because my companion needed her ear checked. We had a lot of travel we had to do there and back and we set high goals to talk to people and give out
Book of Mormons. We didn't reach our goals perfectly but we for sure went way beyond what we would've done had we set those goals. I love that principle. Shoot high and so if you do fall short you won't be disappointed. It was a faith builder that God helps good things come to
those who are looking for it. :) and we were looking for it. We found a new really great potential investigator and saw some other really cool miracles. :) happy day! Oh and Japanese hospitals are really funny and they are so kind of foreigners. They try so hard to speak English, but they just end up saying all the words you know in Japanese in English. It is the best! :)

3. Prayer is really a key to happiness. When you really communicate with God from the heart your soul can feel a peace that comes in no other way. :) I know God hears all of our prayers. He loves us and wants to Communicate with us. So talk to him. :)

This week was full of a lot of goodness and miracles. And laughter. I mean life has to be funny as well right? But the most important thing that happened this week was the spirit was felt and love was shown. The spirit and love always coexist. You can't have one without the
other. :) Because God is Love.

Have a great week my dears! I love you so much!


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