Monday, March 24, 2014

Here comes the Sun

Dearest family and everyone else.... Hah :)

This week has been one of the best yet!!!! So amazing!!! I wish I
could just send you a movie of it all! Haha :) the weather has been so
great these past couple of days so that is always nice :) the sun
really makes Dendo that much better. :)
I don't know where to begin..... I guess we will start with transfer
calls. We got them today. A day early.... Hah I am leaving Tama.... :(
my heart really hurt when I heard that. I love Tama. Like I can't
describe how much I love the people here in Tama. It is me bean area
and we opened it so I will always love Tama :) we are also just
starting to see some amazing progress and we have great investigators.
But I know I will love..... Kouhoku!!! That is my new area. I will be
in a three companionship too!!! I am excited it will be fun!! I will
miss Nakamura Shimai though. She is my little Nihongene and I just
love her!! It is her birthday this week and so we had a small party
with an investigator. I will send a pic :)
But kouhoku is in Yokohama zone.... So I am that much closer to the
Ferris wheel!!!!!!! Cool huh?!? :) haha
So Thursday they had a relief society hula activity and a miracle
happened. So we have really been wanting to teach one of our eikaiwa
students. She is amazing and we became such great friends. Her
husband died 2 years ago and last week her aunt died and so we really
could see her need of the gospel. For weeks we have been trying to set
up a time to meet with her but every time something comes up last
minute and we can't meet. Man satan..... Haha, anyway, so Thursday we
invited her to this activity but she said she couldn't come.... then
all of a sudden we turn around and guess who walks in... Yep she
came!!! But this is the story. So she was on her way to yoga and she
started walking.... Half way she realized that instead of walking to
yoga she had started walking to the church instead. And she realized
that she really actually wanted to go see her friend (who is a member)
do the hula so she came. After the activity we talked and it was
amazing. She and I have become such good friends. I told her all about
why I am who I am and she told me about her husband dying and how hard
that is. I was able to testify to her about the plan of salvation and
how through the gospel she can live with her husband again. It was so
cool. After she told me that I inspired her. I was just so grateful
for that whole experience.
Then today we went to her house for lunch. After we taught her and it
went really great!!! The spirit was so strong. I gave her a
Book of Mormon with my testimony in kanji and she loved it. It was so
wonderful. But you will never believe what happened next.... Like I am

still in awe. No she didn't say she wanted to get baptized... That
would have been amazing!!!!!!  Haha but she looked at me and was like
"ashby San I want to give you my kimono." I was floored!!! First if
all kimonos are like thousands of dollars....and she really just
wanted me to have it. It is for sure one of the greatest gifts I have
ever been given. It is beautiful. Like I don't even know what to say
still. I will probably have to send it home cause I can't really carry
it around Japan with me. But mom it is so cool!! Page is one of the
sweetest people I know. I just love her so much. She is one reason I
am sad to leave, but I am excited to experience new things.
Sorry that was a long story... I have some other cool stories but no time.
This week though we had 2 investigators come to church!!!! It was the
best day ever!!!

Well I know this church is true! With every party of my soul. It is
beautiful and it us true! Cherish the gospel, live what you learn from
the Book of Mormon, love everyone!! Life is so good. Be happy!!! Have
a wonderful lovely week!! I love and pray for you all.

Love, Hannah Ashby Shimai


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