Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh what a privilege it is to be a missionary!!! :) but really.......

My Dearest Deers,
See what I did there.... ;) haha
So this week has been so good. Every week is good, but this week was
GOOD! Haha I got to go on Splits twice this week so it was a lot of
fun! Both times I went on splits with sisters I was in the mtc with so
we saw same miracles because let's be honest we don't speak that much
Japanese..... Haha :) on wed. I went on splits with Hokanson Shimai.
It was so fun!! We taught mommy Eikaiwa and it was a blast! There is
this one cute lady that wants to learn all the English slang she
can.... Haha she is so funny! She loved saying "what's up?!" And so we
taught her "legit". She loved it! Anyway... I also road an electric
bike that day. Those things are amazing!!
But the best day this week was Saturday.... What a miracle day!! So I
was on splits with dansie Shimai. We are both transfer 2 missionaries
who learned no Japanese prior to the mission. Sounds scary right...
But it was probably one of the best days of my mission yet!!! The
whole day was a miracle. We talked to so many people!! But this was
the real miracle.... So we went to do chirashi Kubari which is when we
hand out Eikaiwa flyers. It is a really really great way to Dendo and
talk to people!! So that morning I had put a ton of flyers in my bag
because I thought we were going to do a Kubari Kai with our
trainers... But they ended up not coming so it was just us with tons
of flyers and just jokingly I told dansie Shimai " okay we aren't
leaving until we are out of flyers k?" But in my head I was like there
is no way we are giving out this many flyers! We had at least 100+
Flyers and only 1 hour.... Like no one really ever takes a flyer....
Haha but God had something else in mind. Those flyers literally
disappeared out of our hands!!!! It was so much fun!! And we were able
to talk to so many people because of it! People just wanted the
flyers. It was amazing!! Such a miracle!!
Also this week we got a new investigator!!!! She is so cute!! Her mom
is a less active member and she has never been baptized but wants to
learn about the church and English. They came after ward conference to
the ward lunch and they are coming to church this next week as well!!
I am really excited so hopefully they will be able to come. My whole
time here I have only ever had 1 investigator actually keep their
commitment in coming to church.... So hopefully we will start seeing
some more progress in that area. The work here in Tama us really
starting to progress. It was really really slow at first with opening
the area. But now it is going places. I love Tama!!!! Transfers are in
2 weeks and I don't want to leave.... It is just to great. Oh send the
ward is amazing this cute old lady is making us socks... Hahah :)
This gospel is amazing. The blessings that come from living it
everyday are infinite. Some people might look at what we do in the
church as making huge sacrifices, but to those who know of the
blessings that come, it is a privilege to live the gospel. The members
here in Japan gave such strong testimonies. I am strengthened everyday
by them and the amazing people I get to associate with. There is so
much good in this world. I love this work and I know it us true. God
loves his children and I am so grateful I have the privilege of
sharing that love with the people here in Japan everyday. I love and
pray for you all everyday!!! Thank you for your love be support!!
Love, Hannah Ashby Shimai


I wrote my testimony in the Book of Mormon!! :) kanji is really hard!! Haha

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