Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miracles happen once in a while if you believeeeee ;) hahaha

Dearest family, 

こんいちわ!!!!!!!  Herro family!! ;) this week has been so good and for sure one of small miracles!! The week started out so promising with lessons and mogis (practice lessons with ward members) and some great potential lessons. Then wed. night every lesson we had for the rest of the week got canceled..... Everything.... It was so sad and I was really tempted to get discouraged, but Heavenly Father had a different plan for us. Instead of teaching the lessons we had planned he lead us to different people to teach and it was such a miracle. I loved being able to see his hand guide us to find others to teach. In the end those individuals weren't all that interested in learning more about the church but they did allow us to give them a church tour or teach them about the gospel at least once and that will help to make all the difference maybe a little later down the road for them when they are ready for the gospel. It was so cool! 
Other great things about this week.... So last week our temple trip got canceled so we got to go today and it was amazing. :) the temple is heaven on earth. Go as often as you can!! 
Oh on Sunday we got to be in primary because there is a new family in our ward from who moved here from Provo. Their kids don't speak Japanese and so they asked us to translate for them.... Well Nakamura Shimai translated..... Haha but you have to love singing time with about 15 kids singing in nihongo at the top of their lungs!! Oh it is the best :) these kids from Utah are such troopers though. Their are so cute and are trying so hard to learn the language. 
Yesterday was an amazing day too. In Japan they have girls day on March 3rd. While we were housing this random old couple invited us in to see there huge doll display. These displays are super expensive and the full sets are very rare. I think I sent you a picture of another one I saw last week... They are so detailed though and beautiful. They were so sweet and so proud of there display. We also went out to sushi with one of our investigators :) it was the best. Sushi in Japan is amazing...... Just saying.
I love this work and I love seeing the lords hand working in people. It is amazing to see how things all work out perfectly when you follow prompting a. There is a less active family in the ward that we have been trying to visit for ever but every time we go they aren't home. They live far away and so it is hard to visit them often... But miracle last night we both felt like we should go visit them.... We were hesitant cause it was getting late and we didn't know if we could visit them and make it home in time but we both felt like we should go so we went and..... THEY WERE HOME!!!!! We were able to talk with the mom and she said us coming was such a tender mercy. She has been wanting to meet us since she heard there were sisters in Tama. There are a lot of other cool things that happened with that visit but I don't have time..... :) 
This church is true though. We just need the rely on The Lord and he will help us become the person he needs and wants us to be. I pray for you all everyday!! Have a great week!! You are the best family ever :) but really..... Love you to the moon and back and back again. 143!! 

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