Monday, July 21, 2014

I love the rain! :)

Dear family,

So last night it was pouring rain as we were riding home. The
lightening was so cool and would light up the whole sky as we were
riding. It was such a cool moment. We were soaked.... But I was so
happy at that moment. The rain felt so good and everything was so
fresh and happy. :) I remembered how when I was little and it was a
thunder storm I would try and hide from it. I hated lightening and
thunder. Haha :) I have changed so much. I love looking back on who I
have become over time. It is amazing how much people change over time.
I went from hating rain storms and lightening and to loving them!!
Life is all about change and becoming. I love changing. This week has
been a huge week of change for me. But mostly just in my heart. I have
learned a lot. :) It has probably been one of my hardest weeks yet on
my mission, but I am so grateful for everyday and all that I learned
and how much I feel like I changed. Maybe that is why I loved the rain
so much last night, it was like how I felt before was washing away. :)
happy thought. I am so grateful for the fact that through the
atonement of Jesus Christ we are able to change. :)

This week has been great! Hard, but wonderful! Our new investigator is
doing well and we have a lesson with her tomorrow. She has been coming
to almost every activity that we have at the church and she now has
some good ward member friends who love her and that is so important.
:) Ward members are such a huge part of missionary work!!!!! Always
remember that please. :)

We had so many things happening this week with Zone conference and
sister conference. Which were both amazing. :) the sisters conference
was in Kichijoji!! And all of the sisters in the whole mission came.
It was such a happy day to see all of my old companions and people
that I just love. :) We had some great speakers come and talk to us
about a lot of things. I learned so much. The theme of the conference
was "the light we share" I loved that. :) They used the analogy that
everyone one has their own flame of a testimony and one flame alone is
small, but when you put together all of the flames it becomes a great
fire. I like that visual a lot. Think about all the flames around the
world of missionaries and members and how much light that really is.
And it is growing and growing until that great and last day when
Christ comes, the light of the world. :) I just like thinking about
that. It is happy. :)

I know that this church is true. I have seen a lot of miracles this
week with myself and people around me. We had some cool experiences
with the Book of Mormon and giving away copies of the Book of Mormon.
That has pretty much become one of my favorite things as a missionary
because I know that if they will read that book their life will be
changed. I know it is true. :)

I love you all and hope you have a Happy 24th of July!!!!!! Transfers
are next week.... Crazy how fast time goes by...haha :)

Love, Sister Hannah Ashby


We went to endoshima again today :)

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