Monday, July 14, 2014

Typhoons and earthquakes and tsunamis oh my!!!

Dear family!!!

So after much excitement about this huge typhoon headed our
past.... In the middle of the night.... And ended up being not a bad
storm at all. :( we were excited to experience.....not going to lie I
was a little disappointed...haha :) but oh well!!!! As for the
earthquakes and tsunamis I haven't heard or felt anything..... So I
don't really know. Haha sorry. But I am safe and these past couple of
days have been very good but very hot. After the "typhoon" came
through it got really hot and humid!!! And everyone says it is just
going to get hotter.... Which I don't know how!!! Haha :)

This week has been amazing though. Our investigator that came to
church last week came to dinner with us on wed. At a members house and
it went great!! Then she came to eikaiwa on Thursday with her
daughter, church again on Sunday, and ward choir practice!!! The ward
is really doing a great job with fellowshipping her!!! It is amazing.
She is amazing!! The problem is she comes to as much as she can but
she is also way busy, so setting up actual lessons has been hard. But
this week we hopefully will. :) She is so cute!!

So this past transfer we have been having zone meetings every week to
work on our teaching skills. It has been amazing!!! President Wada
came this past week and taught us. Ha talked a lot about how Important
prayer is. When we pray with our investigators, for some of them it is
the first time they have ever done anything like that. It made me
realize once again how blessed I truly have been to grow up in the
church. I have known how to communicate with God my whole life. I have
been able to receive guidance and feel his love everyday through
talking to Him. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to prayer
every single day. I have really been trying harder to make my prayers
more meaningful. The most meaningful prayers I have are when I pray
out loud and really talk with God. I would challenge all of your to do
that this week. Pray out loud. Make your prayers meaningful. And then
after you prayer, take the time to listen. You will see your prayers
getting answered throughout the day if you do this. Pray is real. It
is important. And I am so grateful for it. It is what keeps me going
everyday. :)

Well this one is kinda short.... Sorry :) I love you all and hope you
have a great week!! Thank you for the prayers and love and support!
You are the best!!! In the west, east, south, and north. ;)

Love, Sister Hannah Ashby

Dinner with a member and investigators last night at the church. We
made the power go out.... It was quite an adventure......hahha :)

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