Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy birthday America!!! And Matt!! :

My Dear wonderful family,

This week has been amazing and I have so much to say..... Ash my
fingers always get tired when I want to say a lot...haha :) 流石。haha ;)

Well happy birthday Matt!!!!!! I hope you had a great day!!! And happy
half birthday Nicole....hahha :)

Happy birthday America!!! We had a good 4th of July. No fireworks....
But we wore red, white, and blue, and ate corn and watermelon so I
would say it was a success. Oh and watermelon is pretty much my
favorite thing. In Japan it is so so expensive, but a member bought us
one. She is the best. It was the same member that took us to costco.
She is was too nice. Haha :)

On Tuesday we had some really cool small miracles, but my favorite was
meeting a girl named ふみえ。She is so cute and talked to me for so long.

We became such good friends. At first we were just talking about
English and America and the it turned to the bible an Jesus Christ and
how much she loves Christ. We had such a great conversation. She lives
in the north mission, but we were able to exchange contact information
and she emailed me the other day saying she read a little bit about
the church and says she believes a lot of the same things. She is
amazing and I am hoping the missionaries in the north mission can
teach her soon.

Okay biggest miracle of the week happened Saturday. We were sitting at
the church doing DCS and we say a lady standing outside, so of course
we go and talk to her!!! And the first thing she says is "Do you have
church tomorrow?? Can I come???" And we were like, "of course!!!!!!"
We talked to her for a while and found out that she has been reading
the bible for over 20 years but has never been to church. So we told
her she should come and we would sit with her. She said she would and
then she left. And then the next day SHE CAME!!!!! And she is
amazing!!!!!!!!!!  So prepared and so amazing!!!!

So later this is what we found out about her. She had met the other
sister missionaries one day and talked. Then Saturday saw the elders,
asked them if she could do bible study with the missionaries and they
got her information. Then not even 20 min later she walked over to the
church and talked to us. The funny things is when she saw the elders
she was on the other side of the eki, and was walking the opposite way
of the church. One of the elders said, "God must have picked her up
and dropped her at the church, because there is no way she was on her
way there when we talked to her."

At church she made friends with some amazing ward members and she
opened up and shared some amazing experiences. It was like she was a
member. She is a single mom with a 17 year old daughter. She is coming
to dinner with us tomorrow night to the Tagami families house and she
said she wants to learn more about it all. We are so excited to see
what this week brings. Sometimes I get afraid that it is all too good.
But it is so happy to have another person so teach and help come unto
Christ. Especially someone who is so ready for the gospel. :) :) she
is way too cute.

Today was temple Pday and pretty much the best day ever!!!!!!! I loved
it!!! I got to see some of my very favorite missionaries and it was so
happy. Almost my whole mtc district was at the temple together. Those
people are for sure some of my best friends. :) it was way good to see
Padelsky Shimai!!!!!! I miss that girl so much. When I see her it is
like seeing someone I knew back home. She is amazing and such a good

Well, that is all I have time for today. :) a lot is happening and I
wish I could talk to you all day but I can't so I won't. :)

I know this church is true. It is beautiful. Life is beautiful! :)

You all need to read the talk titled 'becoming perfect in Christ' in
this past liahona. It changed my life. The atonement is real. And I am
so grateful for it. :)

Have a great, happy week!!!

Love you all!
Love, Ashby Shimai


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