Monday, February 2, 2015

"Oh what a wonderful feeling! Oh what a beautiful day!"

Dearest family,

We had a great week this week! It was so great! We had a lot of success meeting with people and this next week we do too! This area is the best and I love working with Brox Shimai. We get a long really well and she is so easy to work with. We both want to set high goals and reach them and it feels so good to reach your goals! We have been
able to teach a lot about the restoration this week and it has really been a testimony
builder for me.  :) Just a short one this week....I don't know really what to say but here is a story and a testimony.

This week we were able to visit a less active couple in the ward. They are so nice and were so welcoming to us. We talked for a little and then started talking about church and why they were less active. We had a really good conversation about faith and then we really felt
prompted to share with them the "Mountains to climb" Mormon message. That Mormon message always makes me cry! The spirit really filled the room and you could tell it touched them. You could tell the husband was really feeling the spirit, but the wife really seemed to be fighting against it. We were able to testify of the power of faith to help us endure. At that moment I really felt the power that comes from faith. I could see this couple, the husband who desired more faith, the wife who seemed to be fighting against faith and it just hit me
how much God NEEDS us to have faith. It hit me how much power faith really does have. It makes all of us stronger and helps us bear what ever this mortal state has to offer. It gives us the courage we need to do the things we know in our hearts we need to do. Even though this couples faith seemed to be so weak at this time, you could tell that the spirit had touched their hearts and that some part of their faith was strengthened.

Faith is truly the power. It is by faith that miracles are brought to pass. "Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow." If you haven't already please plant the seed if faith. God knows us and will help that seed grow into the beauty it was meant to become. I know that through faith all things are possible and the Lord works miracles in our lives.

Have a great week! I am praying for you all as always. Have faith! :)


We made brownies in the rice cooker!! :) hahaha.....

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