Monday, June 30, 2014

"I have been changed for good"

Dear family :)

So I wrote that title because I knew Ashley would love it ;) haha and
this week we had a talent show for Eikaiwa!! It was so amazing. But
one our eikaiwa students sang that song with Sister Gappmayer and they
did so amazing. It was such a fun night full of good food, funny
people, and some really beautiful music. For the second to last
performance, we sang with some of the eikaiwa students 'Nearer my God
to thee' in Japanese. It was such a cool experience. We were standing
up on stage with some of the people I love so much here in Fujisawa
and singing one of my favorite hymns. The spirit was so strong. One of
our potential investigators was there and it was her first time being
in a church let alone hearing a hymn and she said she loved it. It was
such a good night. I will send you some pictures. :) the funniest part
of the night was one man did a Michael Jackson impression and man he
was good!!!!! Like way good. It was hilarious!!!! Hahah I thought of
you mom....haha :)

This week has been a really great one though!!!! We have been really
guided by the spirit in finding and teaching. We were able to find a
new investigator this week!!!! She is actually from Peru and just
speaks a little Japanese so it is hard to communicate. But it is
really cool. :) we are going to teach her the plan of salvation this
week, and I am so excited because she has the cutest family in the
world and family is really important to her. :) Hopefully all goes

Saturday was probably the best day ever!!! We had a lot of finding
time so we decided to go visit some former investigators from the old
area book and see if we could meet them. Along the way we met some
amazing people and were able to give away a few copies of the Book of
Mormon. Can I just tell you how much I love giving someone the Book of
Mormon!!!!! It just makes me so happy, because I know that if they
read that book with real intent their life will be changed. I know it
without a doubt in my heart. I have seen it happen. My life has been
changed because of that wonderful book. I was reading today about the
Book of Mormon in the liahona magazine and this is what it said, "The
Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the gospel. Without the Book of
Mormon, we would know little about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.29
Because it teaches of the Atonement, the Book of Mormon helps us to
repent, make and keep sacred covenants, and merit the ordinances of
salvation and exaltation. It leads us to the temple, where we can
qualify for eternal life."
I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the joy that it brings
into my life as I share the truth it contains with others. :) I love

I hope you all have a great week!!!! Oh and Happy 4th of July!!!!!!! I
hope it is a great one!!!! :)

Be safe and do some sparklers for me お願いします。 :)

Love, ashby Shimai


Sorry bad pic.... But this is the cutest little girl for mama eikaiwa.
She has a twin and they are my favorite!!!! Haha

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